Determining the number of episodes of Matt Reeves’ Penguin series

Colin Ferrell, who played Penguin in the spin-off series The Batman, shared the number of episodes of this series with fans.

Although apparently the filming stages of The Penguin series are from the world based on the Batman movie Matt Reeves It continues, but now Colin Ferrell The Academy Award-nominated actor, who plays the role of Penguin in this series, has published new information about this adaptation of the crime-ridden world of Gotham.

During Ferrell’s recent interview with the magazine variety, the 48-year-old actor of the character of Ezwalad Kabulpat/Penguin announced that this series is currently planned for eight episodes of about one hour each. Ferrell explains:

“[این داستان] It focuses on the rise and rise of Kabulpath’s ancestor in the vacuum created after the murder of Carmine Falcon. Matt’s idea [ریوز] It was that the Penguin series took place a week after the end of the Batman story, and if [این پروژه] It was successful, if we did our job right, if there was enough reception and if [پنگوئن] able to attract the attention of the audience, the second season of this project is made and the events after the end [سریال پنگوئن شبکه‌ی HBO] will narrate”.

Colin Farrell as Penguin in The Batman

More information about the HBO Max series is not yet available, but Reeves cites classics such as Good Friday (1980) and Wounded Face (1983) as sources of inspiration for the series’ depiction of the Penguin’s rise to power. Takes.

Laverne LeFrank, who has produced the series Impulse and Agents of SHIELD, is known as the showrunner and scriptwriter of this series. Dylan Clark, Matt Reeves, Colin Ferrell, Daniel Pisky, Adam Kasan and Rafi Krohn are among the other producers of this project. Craig Zobel, who previously directed episodes of the series The LeftoversHe has Westworld, Mare of Easttown and The Hunt in his portfolio, as the director and producer of the first two parts of the Penguin series, he will be present in the production stages of this project.

There is also a horror series centered on Arkham Hospital and several unannounced projects that will deal with other villains from the Batman comics, including other spin-offs of The Batman movie universe, which are all outside of the main DC universe and under the new DC Cinematic Universe plan. The DC Elseworlds label will be released and made available to fans in the coming years.

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