Determining the release time of special Nvidia drivers for web browsers

New GeForce R530 drivers with support for RTX VSR technology will be available in web browsers starting this month.

During the CES 2023 event, Nvidia unveiled the RTX Super Video Resolution technology, which improves the quality of videos to a higher resolution using the upscaling method of artificial intelligence. This feature is for systems based on RTX 30 and RTX 40 series graphics cards Graphics cards will be available RTX 20 will continue to benefit from it.

Last week, version 110 of the Chrome browser was released with the ability to support Nvidia’s super-resolution technology; But this feature will not be available until Nvidia activates the relevant drivers.

GeForce R530 driver release time

Nvidia has confirmed that this feature will be controllable through the NVIDIA Control Panel. Also, in this way, it can confirm the ability of the system to support this feature. Nvidia’s software development team has confirmed that this feature will only be available through dedicated R530 drivers or newer versions. The R520 or 528.49 drive released last week does not have this feature enabled.

Manuel Gazman, the head of Nvidia’s software quality assurance, announced that R530 drivers will be available to users from this month. Nvidia has shown how this feature works on YouTube, but you can find more uses for it. Technically no restrictions for using VSR in service GeForce Now Or even premium streaming platforms like Netflix. This feature could theoretically come from the source Get 1080p 4K output.

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