Diablo 4 public beta test server date announced

Blizzard Company announced the date of Diablo 4 public beta test to evaluate the quality of online servers.

During the Diablo 4 Developer Update live stream event, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed the Server Slam public beta test. According to this developer, players of all target platforms of Diablo 4 can participate in its public beta test from May 22 (May 12) to May 24 (May 14). The purpose of this test is to check the performance and quality of the game servers under the pressure of the player population, so that the creators can be sure of their correct and smooth operation on the first day of release.

According to the creators, the future test of Diablo 4 will face changes and improvements compared to the previous beta test. Therefore, players interested in Barbarian and Druid classes can try this game again. Blizzard further confirmed that for the players who participate in the public beta test, it has considered a reward, including the Beta Wolf pack. It has also been confirmed that Ashava, nicknamed the World Boss of Diablo 4, will respawn regularly every three hours from May 23rd (May 13th).

Heroes of four classes of Diablo 4 game

Players who manage to defeat Ashava with a level 20 fighter can receive the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy. However, players should not fight this boss and defeat him before reaching level 20. Because in this case they will not receive the said bonus. Blizzard further noted that no progress from the previous beta will be carried over to the Slam Server beta, and that players’ progress in the beta tests will not make it to the final version.

Diablo 4 is scheduled to be released on June 6 this year on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X platforms. Xbox Series S will be released.

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