Digital Wellbeing in Samsung phones; Everything you need to know about digital health

Digital health (Digital Wellbeing) is one of the useful and practical features added by Google to Android. This feature helps users to reduce the time of using smart devices and have more control over different aspects of their lives. By embedding the mentioned feature in the Galaxy series products, Samsung has provided many facilities to its users, the most important of which will be discussed in the following article.

Digital health capabilities Digital Wellbeing What is?

The main purpose of embedding the digital health feature in Android phones and tablets has been to prevent distractions and encourage people to use their smart devices responsibly. This feature of Android 9 It is placed in products based on this operating system; But Samsung has tried to make improvements by adding additional features to it.

Among the changes made by Samsung, we can mention numerous modes and a dedicated widget that provides easier access to various items. Showing the amount of time spent in each application along with the ability to set limits for each application is one of the most important features that can help reduce the use of smartphones.

Access to Digital Wellbeing on Samsung phones

To benefit from digital health related features in Galaxy series products, several different solutions have been considered. The easiest way is to go to the Settings section of the device and touch the option Digital Wellbeing Is. Also, users can use the Focus Mode option as a shortcut from the quick settings menu.

By referring to the Goals section, you can access two main features, i.e. display the duration of using the phone and set a specific time to work with each program. For this purpose, it is enough to select the Screen Time option and then select the desired time for the current day or the upcoming week.

To set a time limit for using each app, select the App Timers option and then touch the clock icon in front of the desired app. Now you will be able to enter the desired time to create a limit and then press Done to save the changes.

When the duration of use of each program reaches the set value, its icon will turn gray and a mark will appear next to its name. In this case, by touching the icon of the application, a message will be displayed stating that the usage time has expired in the current day. Of course, you can define a new value by pressing the Change timer option so that you can use the program again.

Using mods to increase productivity

Samsung has added various modes to make the digital health feature more practical to the OneUI user interface. one of these cases Focus Mode It has the name that provides the possibility of using the device without distraction. In a way, it can be said that the mentioned feature is the improved mode of Do Not Disturb mode, which has been seen on the products of this company in the past.

When the focus mode is activated, all apps except the previously selected ones will be unavailable and it will not be possible to use them. Also, notifications and calls are changed to silent mode. To benefit from the mentioned items, you can choose one of the options Work time or Me time under the title Focus mode and then proceed to personalize them. If you want to define several different profiles for different conditions, click Add.

In the personalization page, it is possible to select the required applications to remain active in the selected mode. You can add or remove desired titles by pressing the Edit key. Also, in the Duration section, you will be able to define the duration of the current mode. By touching the Start key, the selected mode will be activated and will remain active until automatic termination or manual shutdown. Easy access to turn off or on Focus mode from the quick settings panel is also considered.

sleep mode, is another option that disables notifications and calls. Also, the screen changes to black and white to have less impact on the eyes and prepare the user for sleep. The activation and deactivation time of Bedtime mode can be customized and the days of the week can also be changed.

Users can add Dedicated widget Digital Wellbeing to the lock screen of your device, constantly view relevant information. For this purpose, enter the settings section and then go to the Lock screen page. Next, click Widgets and select the digital health widget.

Frequently asked questions of users

How to access digital health facilities?

Just go to the settings section and then enter the Digital Wellbeing section.

What devices is Digital Wellbeing available on?

Most Android products in recent years support Google’s digital health feature; But Samsung products with Android 9 and above have more advanced features in this field.

How to limit phone usage with Digitall Wellbeing?

For this purpose, you can set a timer for fun applications and social networks so that you cannot use them more than a certain amount per day.

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