Discover mysterious and unknown sounds in the earth’s atmosphere! + Audio file

Solar-powered balloons have recorded sounds in the Earth’s stratosphere that are not within the range of human hearing. Even researchers have not been able to provide an explanation for these sounds; But this does not seem to be a new thing.

According to Business Insider, balloons sent into the stratosphere have recorded strange sounds of unknown origin. These balloons listen to the sounds of the planet Earth and can hear the sounds even from several kilometers away. As a result, they can make sounds like sea waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. But what they recently recorded includes other sounds that researchers have not been able to find the source of.

In this audio file, you will first hear the sound of ocean waves, then with sounds similar to Hissing, rattling or cracking You will find that they are the same mysterious sounds. Scientists say these sounds can be related to Turbulence, lightning bolts In the distance or even Burning meteorites be in the planet’s atmosphere. However, there is no definitive explanation about this.

What are the infrasounds in the Earth’s stratosphere?

The strange sounds of the stratosphere earlier even in 1960s Miladi were also heard, but no answer has been provided for them yet. “Daniel Bowman”, who sent these balloons into the atmosphere, says about this: “We have been receiving these sounds since 50 years ago and we still receive them, but we do not know what they are.”

Bowman believes that these sounds probably do not have a strange origin and that their complexity is simply due to our lack of awareness. Infrasound sounds have a huge and unknown world. Sound waves bend upwards in the lower parts of the atmosphere; Therefore, the stratosphere is the best place to listen to the secret sounds of planet Earth.

Sending up air balloons is apparently not that difficult, and Bowman has invited enthusiasts to send more balloons into the sky and listen more for these sounds. However, since the Pentagon shot down one of these balloons in recent months, the conditions for these activities have become slightly more difficult.

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