Do diesel cars have a chance to survive?

Gasoline prices across the US are returning to normal. But the price of diesel fuel has not decreased as fast. Add to that the concerns about illegal car tuning, and owning a diesel car is not cost-effective. Now the question arises, do American customers have a desire to buy diesel cars in the current situation?

The price of gasoline last year was around $3.17. Today, the price of gasoline has reached 3.7 dollars after a sharp price increase in spring and summer. The price of diesel also increased sharply, but after the reduction in prices, it is still not close to its former price last year.

The price of diesel was $3.29 last year, but now it has reached $5. A fuel that used to be economical and produce decent power, now doesn’t seem economical. Worst of all, illegal tuning may cause many legal problems for the owners of these cars.

The rise and fall of diesel cars

Diesel cars occupied a large part of the light car market in Europe during the first decade of the 2000s. Diesel fuel was cheap and clean, and diesel engines had higher efficiency than diesel engines. On the other hand, diesel cars were usually cheaper than gasoline cars, and this encouraged buyers. Finally, the arrival of hybrid and electric cars pushed diesels to the sidelines.

In the past, we have seen how legal authorities have fined owners of cars that have been illegally tuned. including the owner of a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500, who had to scrap his car as a result of doing this.

Although we rarely see such tuning done on Porsche and BMW models, it is not completely unlikely. For example, BMW 328d Station, which has a great reputation among the tuner community.

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