Do not worry; Artificial intelligence has many limitations

Although some people think that computer systems based on Artificial intelligence They have become so powerful that they can even take the place of humans, but in practice there are limitations for the most powerful computer systems that make them unable to perform some activities completely.

Reviews “Jie Weng”, a computer science expert from the University of Massachusetts, says that the concern about artificial intelligence-based systems and their replacement of humans in the current situation is somewhat unfounded. He believes that artificial intelligence in its most powerful form still has many limitations.

Can artificial intelligence replace humans?

Today’s computer systems with technologies Artificial intelligence They can talk to the user, make songs, draw pictures, play chess and diagnose some diseases. These issues have caused some people to think about a world without the need for human presence and to worry about some job positions. There are different opinions about this, and now one of the computer experts says that we should not see computer systems without flaws and of course as a complete system.

Computer systems are usually considered from two angles. The number of operations that hardware They can do it in seconds and the efficiency of the algorithms it runs is significant. Hardware speed has limitations due to the laws of physics. Algorithms, which are basically a set of instructions, are written by humans and the system hardware can execute them. Even if in terms of the laws of physics, the speed of the computer overcomes the obstacles, there are still algorithmic limitations.

Some problems are theoretically solvable, but in practice are beyond the capabilities of today’s most powerful computers. In fact, when it comes to practice, computer systems have weaknesses and limitations that did not make sense in theory.

“Alan Turing”, British mathematician, in 1936 the modern concept of algorithm, known as Turing machine formulated The Turing machine is the model on which all modern computers are built. The calculations that a Turing machine performs are often decisions on yes or no questions. For example, in examining a disease, the answers are given as yes and no. As a result, every problem cannot be solved with such a machine. A Turing machine cannot solve every problem easily. Many problems can be solved using Turing machine, but many others cannot be solved.

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