Does an electric motorcycle require a license?

In today’s world, considering the need to preserve the environment and reduce air pollution, electric motorcycles are a sustainable alternative to fuel engines. But the question arises, should electric motorcycle drivers also have a license? Is the gasoline motorcycle license valid for the electric motorcycle as well? In this article, we will examine this issue.

Does driving an electric motorcycle require a license?

Yes; To drive an electric motorcycle in many countries, including Iran, you need to get a motorcycle driving license. Of course, in some countries, such as China, driving an electric motorcycle does not require a driver’s license. Therefore, it is suggested that before buying an electric motorcycle, carefully check the conditions and regulations related to driving it in your country.

Penalty for not having an electric motorcycle license

In many countries, including Iran, driving without a valid license for the type of vehicle you are driving is illegal and may result in a fine. Therefore, without having an electric motorcycle license, driving this type of vehicle is illegal and may cause serious risks for the driver and other people on the road. The best solution to prevent this problem is to get a proper driver’s license and follow the rules and regulations of driving.

Certificate for electric motorcycles

Currently, in many countries, including Iran, there is no license issued specifically for driving electric motorcycles. However, due to the ever-increasing development of these types of vehicles and the increase in their diversity, it is expected that a license to drive electric motorcycles will be issued in the future; Because the differences between this vehicle and gasoline motorcycles have increased, and the existing certificates for gasoline motorcycles are not capable of responding to these types of vehicles.

However, at present, driving an electric motorcycle in many countries, including Iran, requires a proper license for the type of vehicle used and compliance with driving regulations and laws. In case of not complying with these regulations and not having a valid license, the traffic officers will prevent the traffic of vehicles without license plates and without a valid license, and sometimes this reason makes people think of selling their motorbikes.

In Iran, there is no license issued specifically for driving electric motorcycles.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric motor

Electric motors are known as a sustainable and environmental option for urban transportation due to low maintenance costs and low emission of pollutants and reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Some of the advantages of using electric motors include the following:

  • Low emissions: Electric motors do not produce any smoke, carbon dioxide or any other type of polluting gas, which improves air quality and reduces air pollution.
  • The lowest maintenance cost: Electric motors have the least number of moving parts that require less maintenance and replacement. Also, the absence of complex parts such as chassis, gearbox and ventilation systems reduces maintenance costs.
  • Low noise: Electric motors produce the lowest amount of noise and reduce noise pollution in the city.
  • Improved efficiency: due to removing the need for fuel, electric motors have greatly improved efficiency and reduced energy waste.

But as with any other technology, electric motors have their drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages of using electric motors include the following:

  • Limitation of distance: electric motors are more dynamic in the urban environment, but they are not suitable for long distance trips.
  • High price: often the price of electric motors is much higher than fuel motors. Although in recent times, with the advancement of technology and the increase in their production and sales, the price of these engines has decreased, but still many people cannot afford them.


In this article, the need or lack of a certificate for an electric motorcycle was examined. Due to the ever-increasing development of this type of vehicle and its differences with fuel engines, some people believe that issuing a special certificate for electric motorcycles is necessary. While others believe that electric motorcycles need a license like other vehicles.

According to the current laws, in many countries there is no specific license for electric motorcycles and the fuel motorcycle license is used as a benchmark. However, in some countries, including China and some US states, there is a special license for electric motorcycles.

Finally, it should be noted that in order to drive any vehicle, complete mastery of driving techniques and compliance with driving rules are required. Therefore, if you are looking to use an electric motorcycle, it is better to obtain a fuel motorcycle license in addition to preparing and using it.

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