Don’t wait for the second season of Arcane anime this year

Rite Games announced that the second season of Arcane is unlikely to air on Netflix before 2024.

Since the confirmation of the second season of Arcane animation in November 1400, fans of this animated series from the world The League of Legends game has been waiting for its second season for a long time, and now in the latest cinema and television news, fans have to wait more for the second season of Arkin animation. In an interview with Guan Ziyuan of the League of Legends Pro League, Rite Games CEO Nicole Loren confirmed that the second season of Arcane will not be released in 2023 and fans will have to wait until at least early 2024.

“I recently watched the first three episodes of season two on a flight to China, so our production has progressed,” Lauren said. But the second season of this animation is not ready yet for two reasons. First, you want high quality, so you shouldn’t rush it, and it takes time. So this could be a good reason for this. Honestly, the second reason, which is a bad reason, was that we didn’t know at all whether the first season would be successful or not, and if we had known about this success, we could have started the process of making the second season much earlier. But we didn’t know and we waited for the reactions and so we paid the price. Therefore, unfortunately, the second season will not be aired this year.”

Wow, the Arkin series is preparing for the fightThere is not much information about the story and events of the new season of Arcane series. But Netflix and Riot Games are back Hailee Steinfeld as Vi, Ella Purnell In the role of Jinx and Katie Liang They have confirmed Arkin as Caitlin for the second season of the series, and we are going to see the continuation of the story of these characters in the new season of this animated series from the world of League of Legends. It is also expected to see the presence of new characters and voice actors in the second season of Arcane animation.

The first season of Arcane animation was produced in 9 episodes and broadcasted on Netflix. The Fortiche animation studio, located in Paris, was responsible for the production of Arkin’s animation in cooperation with Wright Games, and it is expected that it will also undertake the production of the second season. Ash Brannon, the assistant director of Toy Story 2 and the director of Surf’s Up and Rock Dog animation, was responsible for directing this animation. Also, the task of making the series and writing the script for Arkin’s animation is basically on him Christian Linke and Alex Yee have been.

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