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Sony launched the Dual Sense Edge controller at a price of $200, but is this controller worth buying and can it stand up to its competitors in PC and PlayStation 5?

The supply of premium and high-end categories for the convenience of players and the possibility of accessing more buttons, especially in the seventh generation of consoles, took on a new color. In recent years, various companies such as Scaff, Razer or Victrix have each launched various products for PlayStation consoles. The distinctive feature of the so-called pro handles is the presence of function buttons and pedal-like buttons on the back of the handle to engage fingers without using them during games. Although Claw Mode has become especially popular among console gamers of late, Pro Leagues still allow all players to find conditions to gain an edge over other players.

The high-end dual-sense edge PlayStation 5 controller in response to the Xbox Elite Series 2 is finally on the market, and we also found an opportunity to get this well-made bundle of Texiru storeLet’s use it for some time to check.

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Review of Dual Sense Edge

In the Dual Sense Edge box, there is a white bag with an engraving of the PlayStation logo and PlayStation symbols. Inside the bag, there are two pedal pieces, two medium-shaped domed buttons on the back, two small domed sticks, two long domed sticks, as well as the USB Type C charger cable and finally the housing connector to prevent the cable from being pulled off.

Dualsense Edge review

The most important change in the appearance of Dual Sense Edge is the highlighting of black color in the buttons, touchbar and Dpad.

At first glance, DualSense Edge does not have much difference in appearance and ergonomics with DualSense Standard PlayStation 5, so switching between DualSense Standard and DualSense Edge is not a difficult task. But this similarity is only at first glance. The DualSense Edge controller has additional buttons that are both modularly replaceable, and thanks to the DualSense Edge support software on the PlayStation 5, you can fully customize each of the buttons on the console. The possibility of complete customization significantly improves the experience of players, especially in action games, racing or even hack and slash.

The most important change in the appearance of Dual Sense Edge is the highlighting of black color in the buttons, touchbar and Dpad. Sony has brought the cross, square, triangle and circle symbols to the touch bar and L2 and R2 triggers, just like the texture under the handle, which is accompanied by the engraving of PlayStation symbols. When you press L2 and R2, you will feel a clear bump under your fingers. Although this bump may be a bit annoying at first, you will get used to it over time. Textures under the handle and symbols on the triggers get dirty quickly.

Dual Sense Edge rear sliders for triggers

Sony has also placed two sliders on each of the L2 and R2 triggers to physically adjust the DeadZone of the triggers. These two slides limit the amount of pressure required on the triggers in three stages from low to high. Especially in action games like Call of Duty, when you set your gun to single shot, the short interval required to press L2 and R2 becomes very important, and thanks to the hardware and software support of Dual Sense Edge, you will have an advantage over the enemies in the game. .

On the back of the controller is a pair of pedal placement slots or semi-domed pedals. Unfortunately, unlike many professional controllers, Sony has preferred to include only two places for pedals instead of four. This issue will make players hesitate to choose between the two looks of the pedal. You can consider different settings from the back pedals according to the style of each game through PlayStation 5. Supposedly, in online shooter games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, two back buttons are mainly used for sitting and jumping. This way, without having to take your thumb off the aiming button, you can react faster by sitting and jumping to confuse other competitors. Of course, this button will not be very useful for people who hold the handle in Claw form.

If you remember the end of the 8th generation of PlayStation or PlayStation 4, Sony has a separate device called Back Button Attachment.Back Button Attachment) to connect to the DualShock 4 handle at a price of $29. Thanks to these two buttons, you would have a significant advantage over other players, especially in action games.

The buttons on the back of the controller give a good advantage over other players if used correctly

Now Dual Sense Edge offers you the same feature but with much better ergonomics. Two pedal buttons can be placed in two different modes, suppose you can move the buttons to take the gas and brake for racing games. You can also make pedals easier to access for action games by placing each pedal correctly in its place. In order to prevent fingers from accidentally touching the pedals, Sony has gone to two small semi-domed pedals, which have really good ergonomics. On the other hand, in driving games such as the Gran Turismo series or Ned Fourspeed, the back pedals are used for gas and brake or manual pulling or even adjusting nitrous.

Sony has also provided a long cable in the box along with a piece called a hosting connector. Thanks to this part, you can connect the USB cable to the handle and prevent the cable from being removed from the handle by locking the housing connector. This feature can be useful in homes where children or dogs and cats are kept.

But do the DualSense Edge buttons work properly? Yes, in a week of playing games with Dual Sense Edge, I did not see any problems such as drifting or stuck cross, circle, square and triangle buttons. But reports of these buttons being broken and stuck by users have been spread on social networks, which naturally cannot be ignored. However, after using the buttons on the back of the handle, it is difficult to switch back to the standard Dual Sense handle. Because you feel that the format of the standard version of the console will limit you when you experience games.

Removing Dual Sense Edge from inside the bag

Sony did not find a fundamental solution to the drift problem and simply made the sticks modular

Dual Sense Edge has a good build quality and gives you a premium feeling at first touch, but still Sony in the 9th generation is looking for a glossy design for its premium products; I personally am not interested in glossy design, especially on the console and handle, and the reason for the emphasis of the designers PlayStation doesn’t understand the use of shiny plastic. Especially on the Dual Sense Edge handle, you will quickly see the presence of fingerprints on the touch bar and the cover of the access section to the sticks modules. If your hands are a little oily or your hands sweat a lot, you will see stains on the handles at all moments of the gaming experience.

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, there have been many reports of the Dual Sense controller drifting, and I myself have experienced this problem. The DualSense Edge will reportedly still have the drift problem over time. As a result, Sony, aware of this problem, has provided the modular ability to replace the thumbsticks. You can easily remove the sticks by pressing the release button on the back of the handle and remove each stick from its place. Sony sells the sticks individually for $20. Instead of modularity, which is really attractive, Sony focused on two other important features, including a larger battery and the use of metal sticks. So that due to the low quality of the sticks, we don’t see the stick pins breaking and drifting over time.

Customization of Dual Sense Edge profiles

Sony has placed two function buttons on the handle to set shortcuts. By connecting the Dual Sense Edge handle to the Sony console, it starts training to get familiar with the handle’s features. One of the tutorials is how to set different profiles for quick access through function buttons. By holding down the Faction button, you can select four settings, including a default console setting. In addition, by simultaneously pressing the function button and the right and left dpad, it is possible to switch between the party and game sound, and with the up and down dpad, it is possible to increase or decrease the game volume. Sony has also included some small LEDs under the touch bar for the action buttons. By changing the profile, it turns on from one to four lights. Function buttons cannot be customized individually.

Adjusting the sensitivity and accuracy of DeadZone Dual Sense Edge
Personalize every button in Dual Sense Edge

The ability to adjust sensitivity and accuracy is provided only in Dual Sense Edge settings

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set two buttons on one button on Dual Sense Edge profiles, as a result, in fighting games, you cannot define several buttons on one button to hit combos. PlayStation 5 settings allow customization of stick sensitivity, stick curvature and DeadZone definition for sticks. In this way, depending on the type of your game, you can choose one of several default settings and set the dead zone to prevent annoying drift or involuntary contact with the sticks.

Deadzone adjustment of L2 and R2 dual sense triggers

Dual Sense Edge triggers have also provided the ability to adjust deadzone in software, apart from two physical sliders with three stages of settings. In this way, you can adjust the L2 and R2 triggers by software for a faster reaction of the triggers and to avoid the need to fully press the triggers. Unfortunately, the absence of these settings is strongly felt for the standard category. Of course, by turning away a huge range of PlayStation 5 buyers, Sony has tried to monopolize settings that could be easily available to all players. For example, when playing Colt duty, you can shoot faster by reducing the deadzone and setting the physical slider to the lowest limit without having to fully squeeze the trigger.

In terms of software, PlayStation 5 has good options for quick access and you can access it from the settings of the accessories section and then the Dual Sense Edge Wireless section.

Dual Sense Edge in hands while playing

Dual Sense Edge cannot justify its $200 price with less charging and shortcomings compared to Elite Series 2 Xbox.

But I personally have issues with Dual Sense Edge, you pay $130 more for a premium package, but you end up with less battery! The $200 DualSense Edge bundle clearly fails to deliver decent charging compared to its Xbox competitor. Although a 1500 mAh battery is engraved on the back of the battery, according to reports, Sony has placed a 1050 mAh battery on the edge, and the reason for this is the modularity of the sticks.

In Zumji, we had two Dual Sense Edge handles at the time of review. After checking both handles, we realized that depending on the type of game and the amount of vibration, the handle will last 6 to 8 hours of Dual Sense Edge charging. Compared to the standard Dual Sense handle, which has eight to 12 hours of charging, the professional PlayStation handle fails noticeably.

The role of Sony's name in the Dual Sense Edge category

Dual Sense Edge isn’t worth buying for PC, but there isn’t a better option for a lower price on PS5 right now

In comparison, when we look at Microsoft, the $180 version of the Elite Series 2 for Xbox and PC has a powerful charger in its bag and offers 40 hours of charging time to players. Newly, the professional Xbox controller offers much better features such as slider triggers, three-stage adjustment of the controllers with a special click, the presence of four pedals on the back of the controller, and replaceable D-pads. Sony has not been able to justify its $200 price for buyers with the features of Dual Sense Edge.

Due to the presence of adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback feature similar to the standard dual sense handle, we have omitted to deal with these features in this review.

Dual sense edge handle inside the bag

But the final word, if you ask me if we have the money to buy the controller, should we buy Dual Sense Edge or not? It depends, if you have a PS5 console and you definitely want to have a pro controller, from among the competitors such as the Scuf PS5 Reflex Pro controller Wireless, the Dual Sense Edge handle has better quality and appearance, and I don’t recommend buying it for people who don’t have financial problems. For $210, you can buy three sets of Dual Sense standard!

But if you want to buy a controller on a PC, the Dual Sense Edge controller has nothing to say in comparison to the Xbox Series 2 Elite Controller and fails. Elite 2 not only has a 40-hour charging time, but it is also supported in all games thanks to Windows. But on the other hand, Dual Sense Edge is not supported in many games and we even see little support for it on the Steam platform.

common questions

Is Dual Sense Edge on PC worth buying?

No, due to the better support of Elite Series 2 Xbox games and the higher charging capacity of Elite 2 up to 40 hours, Dual Sense Edge is not only more expensive, but also has only 6 to 8 hours of charging time, which does not justify the $200 price of Edge at all. Even on PlayStation 5, considering the features, we only recommend Edge when you don’t have any financial worries.

What parts are available in the Dual Sense Edge box?

Be sure to watch the unboxing of Dual Sense Edge on Zoomji. Currently, there is a white bag inside the Dual Sense Edge box, which contains two pedals, two medium-sized domed buttons on the back, two small domed sticks, two long domed sticks, as well as a USB Type-C charger cable and finally a connector. The housing is there to prevent the cable from being pulled out.

Please let us know what you think about Dual Sense Edge, if you have the money on PlayStation 5, would you buy it? What about on PC?

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