Easy and comprehensive management of Qarz al-Hasna funds using Qarz al-Hasna Pasargad software

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As you know, it is difficult to get a loan from banks due to obstacles and problems such as late giving of loan points and high repayment, and for this reason, getting a loan with a very low interest rate is one of the important concerns of all the people of our country, especially in an unfavorable economic situation. is. Qarz al-Hasna is one of the financial and credit institutions that was established with the aim of providing quick and low interest loans in our country and has been able to solve the problems of many families and individuals.

Since the existence and establishment of family loan funds or financial institutions in our country has greatly expanded and the number of its members has increased, therefore collecting and registering user information, managing accounts, etc. through old methods It doesn’t seem logical like paper registration or even using Excel software. Based on this, specialized and strong software called Loan software There are those who have been able to be very fruitful and useful in advancing the goals and affairs of the managers and users of Qarz al-Hasna institutions.

It is very important to prepare and use a strong and high-security software for managing loans and personal accounts. Qarz al-Hasneh Pasargad software is a comprehensive program with very high technical facilities that has become very popular by meeting the needs of users and managers of Qarz al-Hasneh.

What are the reasons for using the loan fund software?

In general, based on the teachings of Islam, Qarz al-Hasaneh is a tradition and a desirable thing that has been emphasized a lot and accordingly in our country. Loan fund They exist in the form of family, family, intra-organizational and even bigger and more advanced than that, in the form of financial institutions.

Qarz al-Hasna funds require the use of a software program for the following reasons:

  • Despite the advancement of technology and its spread, the lack of a comprehensive program and system to manage accounts, financial affairs, etc. causes confusion and even its liquidation.
  • It is easy for customers, users and administrators of the loan funds to work with the software due to its friendly design.
  • The fact that the software is on the web allows users and administrators to use the software wherever they are without any time or place restrictions and at any hour of the day or night.
  • The use of Qarz al-Hasna loan management software will make necessary savings in time and money.
  • The use of paper and paper notebooks is eliminated.
  • The duties of managers and users of the Al-Hasaneh Fund will be reduced, and on the other hand, the possibility of errors will be greatly reduced, and the speed of financial affairs and payments will increase.

What are the features and facilities of Pasargad loan fund management software?

The design and production of financial software, such as Qarz al-Hasna software, due to its high sensitivity in terms of security and the large number of users, requires sufficient expertise and experience and the benefit of a strong and highly knowledgeable team. Fortunately, the Pasargad Qarz al-Hasna software was designed by a capable group in this field, which has caused many Qarz al-Hasna institutions throughout our country to be among the many customers of this unique and professional program.

Superior features and benefits Loan fund software Pasargad can refer to the following:

  • The possibility of complete and comprehensive reporting in different types by managers, such as arrears report, separate or collective account performance report, accounting document report, etc.
  • Connecting to different and diverse systems such as Hampa, Telpa, Arrears, etc. for easy use, increasing security and increasing the speed of using the software
  • The possibility of registering new members without using paper forms
  • Backing up and backing up information and restoring them

In the end, we would like to express the point that Pasaguard company’s Qarz al-Hasna fund management software with 24-hour support has been able to respond well to the users of this program and as a result obtain their complete satisfaction. Also, this software has a valid certificate through the Informatics Organization of the country. You can visit the website of Pasargad programming company to demo this software as well as the software credit cooperative View it and learn about its features and details and also buy it at a reasonable price.

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