Electric Hummer and set a record of 90,000 pre-sales

Electric Hummer is one of the most anticipated cars in the world. This car with the badge GMC will enter the market, it has very good specifications on paper. Due to this technical specification, it is desirable that the number of registrants in the pre-sale plan, now to 90 thousand people arrives. According to previous statistics, the amount of pre-sale of this car was 80 thousand units until July.

The registration statistics of 90,000 people in the pre-sale of the electric Hummer was confirmed by Rich Latek, GMC brand marketing manager, on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show and in an interview with the Autoblog website. This figure is considered a very good record and shows that the electric Hummer has many fans despite its large size, very high price, and less efficiency than traditional competitors.

GMC Marketing Manager Says Electric Hummer Registrations Are Growing Month Over Month According to his words, both pickup and SUV versions of this car are popular and their sales statistics are increasing. Mr. Latek adds that the decision of approx 90 percent From the registrants, finalize the purchase and receive the car.

Inadequacy of the number of orders with the daily production of electric hammer

But the thought-provoking point is that despite the high volume of pre-sales, there is no good news about the electric Hummer production statistics. According to some reports, General Motors still cannot increase the production volume of this electric car to a suitable figure. These reports are from daily production Only 12 devices Electric Hummer has a story, that is, nothing less than the Raven startup pickup!

In addition, there is still no news about the production of the SUV version of the new Hummer. Apparently, General Motors plans to assemble this version from The first season of next year start It is important to mention that the delivery of the orders of the customers who had registered for the pre-purchase of the pickup version has started. General Motors for this version on arrival due to defective battery connections call has issued

In this regard, General Motors says that it is possible from the battery connection department Water and humidity penetrate This causes decay in the long run, which eventually leads to water infiltration into the battery pack itself. The electric Hummer recall does not include many models, because the number of cars delivered to customers is not high. The number of these models 424 devices has been announced

Apart from the electric Hummer, the other electric pickup of the General Motors group is Chevrolet Silverado It is also highly welcomed by customers. The pre-sale volume of this car was about 150,000 units until the end of July. This electric pickup is expected to enter the market from the spring of 2023, around the same time as the Hummer SUV version.

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