Electrification of motorcycles in Tehran with the participation of Mapna and Bahman Group

Recently, a meeting was held hosted by MAPNA Electrical and Control Engineering and Construction Company (MECO). In this meeting, a joint cooperation agreement was signed between Tehran Municipality Transportation Deputy, Mako Company (a subsidiary of Mapna Group) and Bahman Group. This agreement was created with the aim of developing electric motorcycles, creating charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and battery swap services for electric motorcycles.

This agreement includes a long-term strategic cooperation in order to build charging stations and supply systems related to swap batteries for electric motorcycles. It also includes participation in the design of the electric motorcycle system suitable for the charging infrastructure developed by Mapna Group. Another clause of this contract is participation in the provision of connected software services and cooperation in the provision of electronic wallets and incentive mechanisms for customers.

According to the provisions of this agreement, all three parties accepted important responsibilities. These responsibilities will be carried out in order to create a charging infrastructure for electric motorcycles with the ability to swap batteries and supply at least 50,000 electric motorcycles. Meko Company from Mapna Group took on the task of developing battery packs for electric motorcycles, producing and constructing charging stations and infrastructures for energy supply and connected services. Bahman Group became responsible for the development and supply of electric motorcycles and participation in infrastructure development. Tehran Municipality will also be responsible for providing the necessary facilities and locations for the charging station and battery swap.

Visiting the new ideas of Mapna Group

In this meeting, engineer Jalal Bahrami, the deputy of traffic transportation of Tehran municipality, considered the development and production of electric motorcycles, the creation of infrastructure and charging stations and the battery swap system of electric motorcycles to be an important priority in the direction of the development of electric transportation. He announced that Tehran Municipality will welcome any agreement in this regard. In the following, Dr. Rafan, CEO of Mako Company, expressed his hope that the cooperation of Mapna Group, Bahman Group and Tehran Municipality can bring good things in the field of public electric transportation in the country due to constructive experiences.

Engineer Ali Moradlou, CEO of Bahman Group, also explained the history of Iran Two-Wheel Company (a subsidiary of Bahman Group) and the activities of this group in the field of producing electric motorcycles. He praised Mapna Group’s achievements in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, especially the battery swap platform for electric motorcycles. He further expressed hope for the future of this cooperation. He called this cooperation an important step towards reducing air pollution in big cities and implementing joint social responsibility.

In the visit that was held before the meeting, the process of replacing the battery of the electric motorcycle was completely done. Also, the Battery Swap application, which was developed by the engineers of Mapna Group’s Electrification Business Center, was reviewed. In addition, the method of connecting this application with the battery swap charging station and the servers located in Mako company, and other facilities and capabilities of this application and the management and monitoring dashboard of motorcycle charging stations were presented and welcomed by the audience.

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