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Embracer’s CEO’s Disappointment With Saints Row Reboot’s Performance

In his new interview, the CEO of Embracer Group considered the reception of Saints Row reboot to be disappointing.

The fifth edition of the Saints Row series, which is called a reboot for the series, was developed by Volition Studio and published by Deep Silver in August this year on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia platforms. As the creator and publisher of the Saints Row reboot is a subsidiary of Ambrisser, the company’s CEO reacted to the game’s low reception and relatively poor scores.

Lars WingforsCEO of Ambrisser announced during the company’s recent conference that the Saints Row reboot situation is bipolar. While the game is still early in its life cycle, WingForce believes that the Saints Row reboot will recoup the money invested in its development, according to its pre-release prediction. But the long-term future of this collection is currently unclear.

Shooting at helicopters and police in Saints Row game

The president of Ambriser said about this: “I personally hoped for more acceptance of the game. The situation is very polarized. There are many things that can be said in detail about it, but I am happy to see so many players and fans happy. At the same time, I’m sad to see the dissatisfaction of some fans, and it’s difficult. I think we’ll have to wait for the quarterly report in November to get more details on that.

We are still relatively early in the game and still gathering data. There are also bug fixes and more content coming to the game. In terms of financial performance, I know and I’m sure we’ll make money from this investment, but will it have as good a return on investment as we’ve seen in many other games? “It’s not a very strong possibility, but we’ll make a profit, and that’s at least a very good starting point.”

Battle of Saints Row

Then, when asked how the lackluster reception of Saints Row would change its long-term plans, WingForce explained, “Obviously we always want the new versions of any IP to be better than the previous version, and that’s what we do. We will do it. This is a complete process to evaluate our position and the result of the efforts of hundreds of people involved in making this game in the collection; So I still have a lot of faith in these guys and I’m sure they’ll be up to the task in the future.”

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