End of support for Dreams in the near future

Molecule Media Studio has announced the end of support for Dreams game in the near future; However, players can experience this work even after this date.

Dreams, Media Molecule’s suite of creation tools, did not experience the huge success of other first-party PlayStation games such as God of War, Horizon, and Ghost of Tsushima in recent years. Although this game is considered a special and unique experience, but at the same time, the community of its players has received a huge reception for it. But unfortunately, this game has reached its end.

With the official announcement of the producer studio, later this year and today 10th of Shahrivar (September 1) and after three and a half years since the release of the game, Dreams support will be discontinued. The studio is focusing on a new project and has chosen to focus on its new game instead of supporting Dreams while developing the new project.

The Dreams game will continue to receive updates from now until the announced time; But after 10 September, Molecule Media will not publish new content for this game. Of course, the game itself will remain online and players will still be able to experience other people’s creations and create new stages.

Colorful and funny creatures next to the logo of the Media Molecule Playstation Sony game studio

Studio Media Molecule wrote about this: “We are very proud of Dreams and the way you, the player community, have embraced all of its content. While we’ve always wanted to build on the foundations of Dreams and expand the experience, when we reviewed our plans we couldn’t map out a sustainable path. We decided to change the production strategy of the studio. It is clear that this case is disappointing for many people inside and outside Mm; But we’re very excited for the next one.”

It should be noted that Media Molecule, the developer of LittleBigPlanet and Dreams, has not yet released details about its new game; But he has confirmed that the next project will not be related to Dreams.

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