End of The Equalizer movie series with the third part

By releasing a new poster of The Equalizer 3, Sony Pictures announced the release of the first trailer of this revenge action movie by the end of today.

Among the latest cinema and television news, we learned that Sony Pictures shared the first poster of The Equalizer 3 with fans and announced the release of its first trailer by the end of today. In the description Tweet of Sony Pictures It is said that this movie is the last appearance Denzel Washington He will play the role of Robert McCall. Interestingly, Denzel Washington has not acted in any other movies in the sequel, except for the Equalizer series.

The first poster of the movie The Equalizer 3 starring Denzel Washington

In The Equalizer 3, Robert McCall tries to come to terms with the terrible things he has done in the past and finds a strange peace by serving justice on behalf of the oppressed. Surprising from his home in southern Italy, he discovers that his friends are being controlled by local thugs. As the situation escalates, Robert McCall knows exactly what he must do: take on the Mafia to protect his friends.

Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3 again with Dakota Fanning will co-star who have a history of working together in the movie Man of Fire. David Denman, Gaia Scodelaro, Sonia bin Ammar, Remo GironaANdre’a Dodro And Eugene Mastrandra There are other actors who play roles in the movie Equalizer 3. The third part of the revenge action movie Equalizer is scheduled to be released on September 10.

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