Engineers broke the world record for flying a paper airplane

Three aerospace engineers succeeded with paper plane break the previous record of 77 meters and set a new record in this field: 88 meters.

According to CNN, they spent months researching aerodynamics and origami to design, build and test their winning prototype.

Engineers focused on speed and reduced drag to build their paper airplane, an idea inspired by hypersonic aircraft, particularly NASA’s X-43A. They ran multiple simulations and studied slow-motion footage of their previous attempts to determine the ideal launch angle.

According to them, the best paper to design a winning plane is A4 paper.

Effects of paper airplane in the field of aerospace

Dillon Ruble, systems engineer at Boeing, one of the makers of this paper airplane, says:

“It’s a really proud moment for family and friends. It’s also a good link for aerospace and thinking about design and prototyping.”

He goes on to say about the beneficial effects of making Kaghazi airplanes:

“Paper and real airplanes are very different in terms of complexity, but they both work on the same principles. Some of the same design methods can be applied to both. One of these methods was our trial and error design process. “For example, we can decide what creases we can add to the plane, fold or throw it in different ways, and compare the distances of each attempt to learn more about these changes.”

Making paper airplanes is a relatively simple task. To make them, a sheet of paper is folded in different ways to form an airplane. However, in their construction, different designs are also used so that the paper airplane has different performance. Recently, a group of scientists developed a robotic arm that can design, build, and even launch paper airplanes.

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