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Today’s world is an online world. Not only in developed and first world countries, but even in underdeveloped and developing countries, nowadays people do most of their work online. For example, they shop online; They attend online classes to learn how to see, take taxis online, book their tickets and hotels online, etc. But do you know that even visas can be obtained online?

In the minds of many Iranians, the process of obtaining a visa is a complicated process and impossible for many purposes. But these complexities will be solved easily when entrusted to a skilled executor. Now, apart from the fact that people may not have enough information about many of the complexities of this path and the possibility of being rejected increases, people may also have the idea that in order to obtain a visa for a foreign country, one must spend a lot of time on administrative work, and well, a lot of time. And they don’t have the patience to do that.

Turik Tourism Agency has provided a platform for online sales of visas for more than 40 foreign countries, which can easily solve this problem. Among the visas you can get from Torik, you have to Dubai visa, British visa And Canadian visa Cited.

Submit your application online

In Torik, you can get a visa online for any country you intend to travel to, just open our website and search for your destination. Then register and register your request on the desired country page. You can upload your basic documents on our website and register your visa fee and easily apply for a visa with a few clicks. When the result is determined by the embassy, ​​we will deliver your visa to you.

Do not leave home to deliver documents

You do not need to leave home to deliver your documents. Courier Torik will receive the documents from your home or workplace and send them to your address after completing the visa procedures. This issue can be considered a great advantage for those who live in a city like Tehran, because they no longer need to go back and forth from their city to Tehran several times during the process of obtaining their visa.

Of course, it should be noted that in order to obtain a visa for some countries, you must personally visit the embassy of that country. Other than this, other things are done online.

It is also possible to buy offline

If you don’t like to get your visa online, you can do it offline. Just call and give the necessary information to our experts and continue the visa process offline. You can even visit the Torik office in person and make your purchase. One thing you should know is that Torik offers visa, hotel and flight both individually and as a package.

Follow the process of obtaining your visa

When you receive your visa online, you can follow the process online and instantly. That is, when you register, a user panel will be created for you, and by entering this panel, you can see what stage your visa is at. That means, for example, it is in the process of sending the embassy or the process of receiving it is over.

Get a free consultation from Torik

You can ask Turik any question you have about the visa of any country. You can also ask us for help in filling out the visa form and embassy appointment and preparing travel plans. Free consultation is one of the things Torik does to make the foreign travel process easier. Since many institutes and agencies are currently trying to attract travelers with vague promises, we are trying to pave the way for a right path with more advice and information.

last word

In this article, we talked about obtaining an online visa with Torik. In a world where things are going online, why can’t we get our visa online? Online shopping eliminates many concerns such as time, administrative work, etc. and will make your work easier, so you don’t fall behind the online queue. I hope this article was useful for you and you can use it.

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