Everything about traveling and renting a villa in Kurdan

Tehran, with all its congestion and annoying traffic, has some positive points.

It’s enough to leave the house on weekends and go to good weather areas such as Lavasan, Migun, Fashm, Emamieh, Shahryar, Firouzkoh, Soleqan, Damavand, etc. Especially with today’s living conditions, which has made us all need to have fun and stay away from daily worries in order to maintain our spirit and ability to continue our life.

Until 10 years ago, people mostly went to Fashm and Lavasan for their weekend entertainment, but for several years, Kurdan, Taleghan, Damavand, and Firouzkoh have been added to the list of recreational areas. Especially Kurdistan with its big and luxurious villas that have all kinds of facilities. Stay with us to introduce you to two places with good weather in the west and east around Tehran, so that if you plan to travel to these areas, you can safely rent a villa in Kurdan or, for example, a villa in Damavand.

Three houses for rent in the green environment of Kurdan

Where is Kordan?

Kurdan is a region 24 kilometers northwest of the center of Karaj. A pleasant climate and green area that stretches as far as the eye can see are apricot, cherry, cherry, walnut and mulberry gardens. The reason for the greenness and fertility of Kurdan gardens and fields is nothing but the Kurdan River, which originates from the heights of Kahar, and its border has become one of the tourist attractions of the region.

To create a better travel experience for tourists and travelers, a tourist village has been built in Kurdan, which has facilities such as swimming, volleyball, football, basketball, horseback riding, and paragliding. In addition to this, climbing in the Kurdish heights is considered one of the favorite pastimes of travelers.

Where is Damavand?

Damavand is a green and pleasant climate 74 km east of Tehran, whose name is borrowed from Damavand Mountain. The good weather of this area along with the beautiful scenery of Damavand’s snow peak attracts a large number of travelers to this area every year. Especially in the spring, when plains full of flowers like Dasht Masha, give a unique beauty to this region. Perhaps the variety of luxury villas in Kurdan is more than in Damavand, but you cannot find the nature of Damavand anywhere.

A villa with a pool and a beautiful environment in Kordan

Why choose Kurdistan for travel?

Usually people act with different goals Rent a villa and choose it for travel. Those who go to these areas in summer and spring usually want to take advantage of the beautiful nature in addition to using the facilities of the villa. Walk along the banks of the river, pass through the garden alleys, breathe in the clean air and climb the surrounding green hills, and finally visit the Kurdan entertainment village and fly over the area with a paraglider.

Falling is something else. All the greenery that you see in spring and summer turns into a vast area covered with yellow and red leaves and trees. Walking on these colorful and wet leaves has another mood that polishes the human soul. Everything here is like a painting.

Wintering is not less than the beauty of autumn. It is enough to watch the snowy scenery outside from the window and devote time to peace and silence. This image is a favorite of winter and snow lovers.

But the number of people who rent Kurdish villas for parties and birthdays is not small. Because many of these villas have enough space to accommodate guests and the necessary facilities such as sound system and light dance and reception facilities.

Although it cannot be the same version for everyone, the one thing that is certain is that this area hosts travelers in all seasons of the year who are looking for a different weekend experience.

Another advantage of Kurdistan compared to other regions is that you can find suitable villas and accommodation for any budget. For example, if the number of your companions is small and you don’t need big villas and duplexes, you can go to Renting a suite in Kurdan Or rent cheaper villas. Fortunately, the number of these suites is not small and you will have the right to choose many.

Why Damavand?

Damavand region is famous for its fruit and walnut gardens, especially Damavand apple, which is particularly popular among the residents of the capital. The proximity to Damavand peak has not only made Damavand have a very good weather, but the presence of many springs and a river full of water has made this area one of the best areas around Tehran for travel. The short one-hour distance from Damavand to Tehran has made the residents of the capital to include this region in their list of short weekend trips. This issue has encouraged the owners of houses and lands in Damavand to build all kinds of accommodation so that you can easily rent a suite, villa or apartment in Damavand and experience a pleasant trip.

Stay in Kurdan or Damavand

To have a memorable stay in Kurdan, the best choice is to rent a Kurdan villa. Kurdish villas have many varieties. Many villas in Kurdan have facilities such as spa pool, sauna, barbecue, gazebo, sound systems, billiard table, hand football, air hockey, etc. and they charge different fees for each night depending on the different facilities they have. But if you don’t need such facilities and prefer to spend your time traveling and having fun around Kurdistan, Daily suite rental to do It is enough. Because the purpose of traveling is to be together and enjoy moments that will not be repeated again.

Damavand is not satisfied with this principle either. In this area, you can enjoy staying in a luxury villa with many and expensive facilities, or a small suite or cottage in the heart of a pristine area. The choice is yours.

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