Everything you need to know before buying an external hard drive

hard disk They are one of the most cost-effective ways to store large amounts of data. Laptops usually do not have enough memory to store information. Laptops and computers with high memory capacity usually have a high price. Therefore, the use of external hard disk is used by users with the need to store personal information to large companies for data archiving.

external hard drive They are especially popular among users for storing archived data, personal content, and collecting video and image collections. Also, this category of equipment is a good way to transfer data between computers. However, despite the many options in the market, getting a suitable external hard drive faces challenges.

What is an external hard drive and how does it work?

External hard drive is one of the most common memory modules. This category of memory modules is structurally similar to internal computer hard disks and has a mechanical structure. In this structure, information is written and read on the turntable by a mechanical arm called Head.

external hard drive

Also, this category of equipment has the same basic function as the usual hard disks, except that they are portable, with a strong body and easy to use. These devices usually have an affordable price per gigabyte and are considered a cheaper choice for general users compared to faster storage memories such as SSDs.

Types of external hard drive form factors

External hard drives, like other hardware components, are available in different dimensions and form factors depending on the application. In general, external storage devices are available in two categories and general form factors.

Everything you need to know before buying an external hard drive - Vijayato

The most common form of external hard drives are 2.5-inch models. This category of equipment is small, light and with less energy consumption. Due to their smaller size, this type of hard drive uses less cache, lower revolutions per minute (RPM) and limited volume. If you are a normal user, this category of hard drives should be your choice.

3.5-inch models are also other forms of available hard drives, which are also known as desktop hard drives. This category of hard drives usually have a vertical appearance and are used for commercial and specialized purposes.

What is the right speed and connector?

In general, hard disks have a much lower speed than high-speed modules of SSDs. These equipments have a lower price compared to SSDs. Today, external SSDs are available in a limited form and at a very high price, which will not usually be the choice of normal users.

Although external hard drives are not comparable to SSDs, they are available in different speeds. The speed of this equipment depends on the two main factors of the connector and the memory technology. Keep in mind that it’s less common to find high-speed hard drives in very high capacities.

Everything you need to know before buying an external hard drive - Vijayato

Currently, the fastest hard drives come with Thunderbolt interface, which are capable of providing speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps). With this, most modern drives will support USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 generation one. Both standard Maximum They have a throughput of 5 gigabits per second.

You should choose the desired interface according to your needs and functionality. Of course, more modern connectors have a higher cost. However, external hard drives with USB 3.1 interface are more worth buying for home users.

How much external hard drive memory do I need?

The answer to this question depends more or less on your needs. Today, external hard drives are available in capacities from 128 GB to 18 TB. However, considering the purchase value, it is usually recommended for users to get hard drives with a capacity of one terabyte or higher.

What brand of external hard drive should we get?

Today, external hard drives of various brands and with various capacities are available in the market to the general public. However, despite the archival role of this category of equipment, it is recommended to buy hard drives with a well-known brand, with high durability and strength and proper support.

external hard drive

These types of hard drives, which are also available in the Iranian market, include products of brands such as Silicon Power, ADATA, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, etc. did


An external hard drive is a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool that is used to store information from home users to commercial data archives. This piece is available to the public with different features. However, the best choice for home users are 2.5-inch drives with modern USB 3.1 interfaces.

What is an external hard drive?

External hard drive is one of the most common memory modules that are used to store information from home users to business data archives.

What type of external hard drive is useful for home users?

The best choice for home users are 2.5-inch drives with modern USB 3.1 interfaces.

Everything you need to know before buying:

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