Explained how to connect 12VHPWR cables by a PSU expert

Corsair’s power supply design specialist provides simple explanations on how to connect 12VHPWR cables and connectors. presented and claims to prevent melting of joints in this way.

PCI-SIG Consortium, the organization responsible for all programs related to the PCI Express communication standard is now investigating a possible change in the connectors 12VHPWR Is. Of course, this information is not yet publicly available, but it seems that some revisions by the members of this organization, such as Amphenol It has been submitted so far that it adds more physical capabilities to the clamps around the additional 4 data pins on these connectors.

However, since data pins do not carry high current, this does not solve the problem of melting connectors. But if these pins are accidentally damaged by the user or the data path is damaged, the graphics card will work at power consumption.

Revision of 12VHPWR PCI connectors design

According to the explanations of John Goro, a power supply design specialist at Corsair, the problem of melting power connectors can be very easily rooted in the incorrect connection of the cable and adapter and connector and graphics card. As you can see in the pictures, when connecting this equipment, there should not be any gap between the cable and the connector.

Correct connection of 12VHPWR connectors

How to properly connect 12VHPWR connectors

The important thing here is that not all connectors fit the same way. Despite John Goro’s explanation, some users claimed that 12VHPWR cables They don’t go inside completely in the way this expert says. This issue has led to speculations that the connector specifications may be wrong. According to some people, maybe the power adapter is the culprit.

If this problem can be solved so easily, Nvidia should not be silent about it. This company can very simply and by providing explanations on how to connect the cables and the solution for not connecting it correctly, solve all the problems created for the users. But unfortunately, this company has been silent since announcing that it is working on this problem and does not share information with users.

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