Exposing parts of Twitter’s source code on the Internet; Musk is looking for the culprit

Information filed in the Northern California District Court shows that parts of Twitter’s source code have been exposed, and now the social network is trying to find the person responsible for this action. It seems that this code was leaked on GitHub several months ago.

According to the New York Times, by sending this request to the court, Twitter requested to remove this code from the copyright law. GitHub became. GitHub also complied with this request and now it is no longer possible to access this code, but we do not know how long the relevant code has been available and how much of the architecture of this social network it has revealed. Twitter has also asked GitHub to identity Announce the release agent of this code.

The New York Times, quoting sources familiar with the story, says Twitter managers are highly suspicious of employees who have been laid off in the last year. The company has laid off thousands of employees since Elon Musk took over.

Twitter’s source code has probably been available for months

The anonymous executive who spoke to The New York Times from Twitter said there was concern at the company that the leaked source code could be used to launch future attacks. This news agency speculates that this code may come from months ago be exposed

The source code of platforms is of great value and importance to hackers, and in recent months we have seen numerous attacks on various companies, including Microsoft, Samsung, and LastPass. But in the case of Twitter, this code was publicly published on GitHub and anyone could access it.

Twitter, with more than 230 million daily active users in the world, must now be on the alert to protect its platform and users’ information from possible attacks by hackers. According to Elon Musk, this company is facing many financial problems and has apparently lost half of its value. As a result, this news is not good news for them.

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