Features of a good panel to send mass SMS to your customers

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Have you ever thought about how much bigger changes you could see in your business if you had just a few more customers than a few points away? It is clear that in interacting with the mass of customers, there will be a greater possibility of being seen and more sales. But what fulfills this need?

Surely, as a smart manager, you have realized that what we mean by this discussion is to pay attention to the unique possibility. Sending mass SMS Using SMS services. The thing that widens the range of your customers and makes your messages heard by more people. Now a more specialized question! What do you think makes you prefer an SMS panel over other competitors in this case? Read on to find the answer to your question.

Features of an effective and efficient bulk SMS sending

Let’s say that you have a large advertising campaign coming up with Nowruz days approaching. This is in a situation where your other competitors are not sitting idle and are looking to attract more customers in different ways. You must agree that your speaker should be more efficient, in addition, just being loud and wide will not save you, along with these features, your words should also be pleasant and the customer should feel that by coming to you, the product or service will receive a different

This large, powerful and efficient speaker is the mass texting service that is supposed to reach a wide range of audiences under its notification umbrella.

Bulk SMS sending service on a software platform called SMS panel is defined This SMS panel contains a large database of phone numbers of different businesses across the country and will leave your hand open for better information.

But hold on, you don’t want to send advertising or service SMS to all businesses! This is where the need to pay attention to finer points shows itself. So, to use the services of an efficient SMS panel in sending mass SMS, remember these points:

1) Access to a comprehensive database

We mentioned this before, but remember one more thing. A comprehensive phone number bank should be regularly updated and inactive phone numbers should be removed from its list.

2) Ability to separate text messages in mass sending

Mass SMS sending should be able to be separated. In other words, you should choose a panel that has a more complete category. Because for more productivity, it is necessary to identify the target audience. For example, you need to specify whether you want to send bulk SMS regionally or by zip code and Google Maps. Of course, there are more categories, among which we can mention the following:

  • Mass texting based on age or gender
  • Send mass SMS to contacts saved in the phone book
  • Sending mass SMS to BTS numbers and…

3) Ability to send SMS to all active operators in the country

Iranian SIM cards are in 4 categories, First Companion, Irancell, Rightel and Talia. Therefore, it is better to choose a panel that can cover all these 4 internal operators to send SMS in bulk.

In addition to the above, the use of a strong SMS panel such as Taban SMS enables you to use various methods such as sending voice messages, using service lines and sending a SIM card, and the possibility of sending SMS to the telecommunication blacklist. .

The use of service lines can include dedicated lines or shared lines. Of course, the use of Taban SMS subscription lines is free, but keep in mind that the use of all these lines is only for the purpose of sending informational SMS and sending advertising SMS with them is appreciated.

What are the benefits of bulk texting?

The following are among the most important factors that can be mentioned:

  • The efficiency of this method is very high and about 95%. Because more than 90% of messages are opened and read within 3 seconds of delivery. Something that is really unprecedented about other communication channels!
  • It is really cheap and economical to use bulk SMS. In a situation where the use of email marketing or voice calls will cause more operating costs to your business.
  • If you use mass messaging, you can introduce your fledgling business to a wide range of audiences in the shortest possible time and inform them about your products and services and their special features.
  • After sending mass SMS, you can access relevant statistics and reports online and analyze the results of your performance. This will make you correct your strategic mistakes and make more professional decisions for better marketing in the future.

last word

Now that you are familiar with the various advantages of using mass SMS, it is time to choose a suitable SMS panel to make you benefit from all these advantages and more advantages in a short time. Just call 02191099991 or visit our website at tabansms.com to get a free and valuable consultation. Be happy and dynamic.

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