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Fire Emblem Engage game review

Fire Emblem Engage is full of ideas, some of which are not implemented properly, and it keeps Engage away from its true potential. Stay with Zoomji by reviewing this game.

Fire Emblem is one of those exclusive Nintendo collections that have been released in many versions and are usually at a very good level in terms of variety. All versions are not necessarily in the same structure and Intelligent Systems (Intelligent Systems) and other studios producing sub-versions have tried to provide an acceptable experience by providing new elements and features along with the previous ones. In 2019, the game Fire Emblem Three Houses was launched and was able to get very good feedback. Now, after four years, the new and original version of this series has been launched. Fire Emblem Engage offers a similar experience by using the familiar elements and the foundation of Three Houses, but it also has different strengths and weaknesses that make it not as attractive as it should be and perhaps not as attractive as the previous version.

Elair and Marth in Fire Emblem Engage

As in the previous version, the user can choose whether his hero is a girl or a boy at the beginning of the game, and this choice will not affect the story process and your interaction with the characters.

The story of the fighting game Elirethe protagonist, with Sombran starts. Where Elir after fighting and defeating Sombran, went into a long sleep and now wakes up after a thousand years. Due to being a Divine Dragon, Eliir has special abilities and can also use the other main heroes of the Fire Emblem universe through the “Emblem Ring”. In fact, the story of the game and its structure is such that it witnesses the presence of 12 Fire Emblems, among others Blyth, Mars, Sigurd, leaf And Roy Are. Elir must once again defeat Sombran and his evil army by collecting the 12 emblem rings and harnessing the power of the 12 respective heroes.

In terms of story telling, Fire Emblem Engage has a good start, but it gradually loses the appeal of the narrative and the story of the game. However, from the middle of the game onwards, the rhythm and speed of storytelling is at an acceptable level and offers a suitable ending. However, despite its high potential, its story and narrative could have presented a better and more coherent experience. The game’s characterization of positive characters is acceptable to some extent. With the passage of time, Elir, who has lost his memory after 1000 years, remembers all his memories and the process of changing his personality is shown well. This is despite the fact that some of your teammates also have their own stories and characterizations. In other words, all the story characters who are in your team are not treated equally and we only see the presence of the main characters in the story and the rest of the characters appear only in the role of a teammate. This is despite the fact that the negative characters of the game do not have proper characterization and are introduced to you only in the form of an evil character, and in this part, Engage does not perform as well as it should.

Fight alongside emblems in Fire Emblem Engage

In terms of gameplay, Fire Emblem Engage is a role-playing game with turn-based battles, during which players form a team of different characters (your team can have different numbers in each stage, but in most stages you lead a team of 12 people) you will) and fight with the enemies of the game. The combat system of the game has a turn-based and tactical structure. In this way, each team member will move only in a certain range in each round, and according to the fighting class of the characters, this available range can be different from others. This statement also applies to the enemy team.

Classes and subclasses have a proper balance in terms of power and do not have an unnatural superiority over each other

On the other hand, the game classes have weapons such as spears, axes, swords and knives, along with magic weapons such as books and wands. I should also mention that the weapons of the game have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, which one of the enemies you attack during the fight and what strategy you follow is one of the most important features included in the Fire Emblem Engage combat system. One of the problems of the previous version was that the advanced subclasses of the magic class were very powerful and practically caused other classes to have no special use. Meanwhile, Fire Emblem Engage offers a balanced combat system and classification.

Fire Emblem Engage cutscenes

Summoning the emblem ring in combat allows you to use the special skill of the character in question

The only drawback to the game’s fighting and classification system is the lack of variety. The classes themselves may have a good variety, but their advanced subsets lack the necessary variety, and on the other hand, the status improvement is not applied to the character as much. Therefore, from the middle of the game onwards, there will be no desire to change the class or subclass of the characters. The character upgrade system is also done through the same classifications and XP collection. Increasing the level of the class/subclass increases the combat power of the character in various fields, and the developer team has also prepared various items that by purchasing them, you can improve the weak points of your class to some extent.

Due to the story of Fire Emblem Engage, the use of emblem rings has also been used in combat and gameplay. You can equip your favorite character with one of the emblem rings you have. This allows you to summon them during battles and gain more advantages. The combination of the emblem rings and the fighting system they have with other characters of the team has expanded the variety of fights, and the audience’s hands are open to arranging different strategies. In the meantime, I would like to point out that there are sections in the game hub through which you can increase the level of your class and other teammates and engage in various activities. There is also a part built in so that you can use your Bond points to create secondary emblem rings (according to the main story emblem rings). These rings will help you provide different advantages to other teammates; Teammates who lack original emblem rings. The existence of other emblems in the gameplay, both the main and secondary emblems, are very effective in the battles, and using them correctly can help the audience.

Using the special power of the emblem ring in the game Fire Emblem Engage

The social simulator system and spending time with other characters, despite its high potential, is not well designed

Apart from fighting and progressing through stages, Engage has a social system and communicating with others. A system first used in Fire Emblem Three Houses. On the surface, it seems that we are seeing the exact same system here, but Intelligent Systems has used a minimal and smaller version than before. This is the reason why it is not used properly in the game. Spending time with other characters deepens your friendship with them and they provide advantages, but these advantages are not as attractive as they should be, and spending time with them does not have the necessary variety. The idea of ​​using a social simulator and spending time with characters is something we’ve seen work very well in games like Persona 5 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon or even Fire Emblem Three Houses. Unfortunately, the production team has not used this feature properly in its latest creation.

Visually, Intelligent Systems Studio has adopted the same anime structure used in Three Houses, but no more anime cutscenes. Interludes that give you the feeling of a Japanese animation by watching them. Now we are seeing Selshade cinematic interludes instead of 2D anime interludes. This has caused us to see more cinematic cutscenes, and the improvement of the game’s graphic engine has also helped to make cutscenes more attractive. Meanwhile, the game itself could have had a better design and the improvement of the graphics engine used in Fire Emblem Three Houses has not been so effective in the quality of Fire Emblem Engage.

Combat system of Fire Emblem Engage game

All 26 main stages of Engage Edition are very well designed and each of them challenges the player in some way. However, the secondary stages do not have the desired attraction and are designed only to get better rewards. Despite the main characters of other versions of Fire Emblem, the existence of a sub-stage with their mood here could have been better designed so that new players can get to know the atmosphere of the previous versions, albeit briefly. The main enemies have a good design and the main bosses have a unique design. Although from the beginning to the end of the game you have to defeat some negative characters through different stages and battles, but every time they show different strikes and combos so that the battle with them remains challenging and fresh. Also, Fire Emblem Engige technically does not have frame drops or specific bugs, and users get a smooth experience in this section.

The main stages of the game have a challenging and varied design

Music is considered one of the main features of the Fire Emblem series, and we can see attractive music in the Engage version. The interesting point of the game is that almost all the main conversations between the characters are voiced and new users do not need to be satisfied with just reading the dialogues. The Japanese dubbing of the game is of very good quality, but the English dubbing of Fire Emblem Engage is not appreciated as it should be, and some of the sensitive and important dialogues of the game are very soulless in the English dubbing.

Elire, the protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage

In the end, Fire Emblem Engage is a 30-35 hour experience that may not have appeared in the size and scope of its previous version, but it is an acceptable experience for old fans and unfortunately it is not the best version for new users. Fire Emblem Engage has a great foundation and ideas, but the sad thing is that they are not put to good use.

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