Flash and Batman try to save the world in the final trailer of The Flash movie

Warner Bros. new and final trailer has published The Flash movie, where we see more images of the events of this movie.

according to the latest Cinema and TV newsA new trailer of the Flash movie has been released. This trailer is actually the final trailer of The Flash movie, in which the Flash uses his powers to go back in time and save his parents, which causes him to be in a different world where his mother is still alive, but this world is invaded by General Zad has been placed. Next, Barry Allen has to work with his other version along with Michael Keaton’s Batman and Supergirl to defeat General Zad. You can watch the final trailer of The Flash below:

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Also, two new posters of The Flash movie have been released, one poster is for promoting the Flash movie in IMAX cinemas and the second poster belongs to Dolby Cinema cinemas, and you can see these two new posters below:

The Flash movie IMAX poster

Dolby Cinema poster of The Flash movie

Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Sasha Kal, Clemons seat, Maribel Verdo, Ron Livingston, Ian Lowe, Monica Jackson’s head And Rudy Mancusoare among the actors whose presence in The Flash movie has been confirmed and announced. Andy Mucciati who previously directed the film It and It: Chapter 2, directed the film Flash based on a script by Christina Hudsonauthor of Bumblebee has been in charge

The Flash movie will be released on June 16. The events of the Flash movie are supposed to take place 30 years after the events of the Batman Returns movie. Also, according to the published preliminary predictions, The Flash movie will go on the cinema screens with an opening of 115 million dollars to 140 million dollars.

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