For the first time, researchers have found a link between the hormone serotonin and depression

Scientists claim that in their research they managed to discover the first direct evidence that the capacity to secrete the hormone serotonin in the brains of people with depression is reduced. This finding was obtained in a situation where a few months ago, another research did not find a relationship between these two factors.

Researchers from Imperial College London say that people with depression have less brain capacity in terms of serotonin response. “This is the first direct evidence that Serotonin release It is suppressed in the brain of people with depression. People have been arguing about the answer to this question for about 60 years, but all previous debates were about indirect measurements. So this finding is considered a very important step.”

A long time ago, brain and blood sampling of deceased people showed that the lack of serotonin can be effective in depression. However, there was no conclusive evidence that the deficiency of this hormone is the cause of this disease. Now this paper has clarified the role of serotonin and with a new brain imaging method, it tries to provide a mechanism that better shows us why selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) drugs cannot help. 10 to 30 percent Help patients.


Does depression reduce serotonin production?

Researchers in this study 17 people with depressive disorder examine acute or related to Parkinson’s disease and treat them with 20 healthy volunteers They compared All of these people underwent PET scans to determine how much serotonin certain receptors in the brain were receiving. Then they were all given a dose of amphetamine to stimulate the release of serotonin. Then the next scan showed that the release of serotonin in depressed patients fewer He is from ordinary people.

Joanna Mancrieff, who conducted previous research on this relationship, believes that considering the dimensions of this study, it is still not possible to conclude that serotonin abnormalities are the cause or mechanism for depression. Hawes also says that these findings should be repeated in future research and then find out whether the difference in the amount of serotonin secretion is the cause of depression or depression causes this to happen.

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