Formula One will never go electric

Stefano Domenicali, the director of Formula One races, recently announced in an interesting comment that in this series of competitions Never All-electric engines will not be used. Mr. Domenicali emphasized that Formula One in the future will also Internal combustion engines will remain faithful.

Mr. Domenicali’s statements come while many experts believe that the wave of electrification will finally reach Formula One; Especially taking into account the fact that the automobile industry is moving away from internal combustion engines and moving towards electric engines.

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Synthetic fuel, replacing the electric drive in Formula One cars

In his interview with one of the Italian publications, the director of Formula One fully defended internal combustion engines. Synthetic fuel announced as an alternative solution to electric motors. He added that this type of fuel from The year 2026 It will be used in Formula One cars.

Stefano Domenicali says synthetic fuel has the potential to be used in addition to cars Airplanes and ships also has He believes that with the help of this type of fuel, the transportation industry can be greened without the need to change the type of engines or remove the current internal combustion engines.

The alignment of Stefano Domenicali’s thoughts with Akio Toyoda

The director of Formula One, who was previously the CEO of Lamborghini, does not consider electric drives to be the only available solution. You may know that the former CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, also has such a view. Mr. Toyoda also believes that it should Of all solutions To eliminate pollution, help from the transportation industry and should not be focused on only one of them.

Stefano Domenicali

Mr. Domenicali went further and pointed his finger at the politicians, describing their decisions as incorrect. According to Mr. Domenicali, politicians Impossible goals and electric cars for them now have the status of an indisputable and ideological philosophy. He asks politicians how a pensioner should spend 30 or 40 thousand euros, which is probably his entire savings, to buy an electric car. That is because his old car does not have a driving license due to the new rules.

Formula One’s shift towards synthetic fuels has made some automakers interested in participating in these exciting races. Ford and Audi There are two traditional car manufacturers that participate in these competitions. Porsche Despite the failure of negotiations with Red Bull, he is trying to enter Formula One competitions from 2026. Apart from this, Andretti Auto Sport and General Motors They also want to participate in Formula One competitions.

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