Fortnite Star Wars update content shown in new trailer

Epic Games shared with fans the details and trailer of the Star Wars update for Fortnite.

This year’s Star Wars crossover event with Fortnite officially kicked off today, with a variety of new content available to players, including new Star Wars-themed skins. However, the blog post about Fortnite’s Star Wars update reveals that from today until June 2 (May 23), more fun will be waiting for players.

Past Star Wars events held for Fortnite players have made a variety of items available, including a limited edition Kylo Ren outfit that was added to the item shop earlier this year. However, the new event of this game, which is known as Find the Force, has a much wider and special content. To mark the start of this event, the Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, 501st Trooper, and 212th Battalion Trooper skins are all available for purchase now through the Fortnite Store. These skins make players look like famous characters from the Star Wars series. Players can follow the missions of the Find the Force event to obtain additional rewards, including the Clone Trooper outfit or the Ultimate reward in the free mission path.

“Find the Force event missions are divided into three main sets, each with its own unique features,” wrote Epic Games on the Fortnite game blog. If you complete 12 missions in a set, you’ll be rewarded with a Sith Holocron. You must also acquire three Sith Holocrons to unlock the Sith Infiltrator Glider.”

Crossover Star Wars and Fortnite clothing

In this event, Fortnite players can once again take hold of Star Wars’ iconic laser swords and fight with them without restrictions; Kill or drop the sword until the contest is over. Players are also given access to Force powers, which they can use to run faster, double jump, push, pull, or throw enemies. If that’s not enough, the highly accurate DC-15 Blaster Rifle can be found in Republic chests.

In addition, a new mini battlepass has been added to the Fortnite game and players can purchase the Premium Reward Track upgrade by paying 1000 units of in-game currency to unlock 11 new houses along the free path of this battlepass and finally get Darth Maul’s costume as Get the ultimate reward. In fact, players have to pay to get this outfit.

Epic Games went on to explain the Battle Pass paid upgrade: “This upgrade will include the Wolf Pack Trooper and Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper outfits. “Also, by purchasing it, you automatically receive the Coruscant Guard outfit as a gift.”

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