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Free Babylon’s Fall in select stores

Play Babylon’s Fall is plagued with many problems and now it is reported that the game is available for free in some GameStop stores.

Play Babylon’s Fall is a role-playing game developed and released in collaboration with Platinum Games and Square Enix. Now it is reported that the American branches of the GameStop store are throwing away the old stocks of this game; A game whose sale has also been stopped. But some users report that the employees of this store give free copies of the game to fans.

Some have also reported contacting their local store; But they were out of stock of this game. In an interview with VGC, a user said: “I called 10 stores last night and all of them told me that they destroyed the copies of this game. Not to just throw them away; Rather, they were ordered to destroy these copies.”

Destruction command for Babylon's Fall game discs

In the UK, physical copies of this game are not available in many supermarkets; But Currys sells it for fifteen pounds. This game was heavily criticized by critics and according to the Metacritic website, this game is one of the worst reviewed games on the PlayStation 5 console and one of the worst games of the year.

At one point, this game even recorded the statistics of one player at the same time on the Steam network. The servers of this game are supposed to be closed on 9 March 1401 (February 28, 2023) and this game will become completely unplayable. In a statement on the game’s official website, Square Enix confirmed that the game will be shut down and that the massive update planned for it has been canceled.

“With the goal of providing an exhilarating multiplayer online role-playing action game set in a richly detailed fantasy world; We launched the official game service on 12 Esfand 1400 (March 3, 2022) and have continued to do additional development and operations. But it is with great regret that we inform you that the game service will end on February 28, 2023.”

Babylon’s Fall was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC owners.

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