Free monthly PlayStation Plus games for February 2023 have been determined

PlayStation Plus users can access games like Evil Dead: The Game and Destiny 2: Beyond Light in February.

Monthly free games supply is a case by which Sony provides several free games to PlayStation Plus users every month. It doesn’t matter which new Sony PlayStation subscription you bought, because by default these games are offered to PlayStation Plus Essential users, and the subscribers of both Extra and Premium subscriptions have the benefits of the Essential subscription.

On its official website, Sony has just announced its four monthly free games for February this year. If you are a fan of games adapted from movies, Evil Dead: The Game can be a good option for you. Also, this game has a co-op and PvP mode and you will be able to experience Evil Dead: The Game with your friends or against them.

Free games of February 2023 PlayStation Plus service

Next, we see the Olli Olli World game, which can be considered as one of the most entertaining platformer games of the last few years. During this skateboarding game, you have to go through different stages and record your record. The design of each stage and the challenges it presents is what makes Olli Olli World such an engaging experience. All these things, while in February we see Destiny 2 Beyond Light becoming free for PlayStation Plus users.

This statement means that the users of this service can experience all the contents of the Beyond Light add-on package for free and create fun moments for themselves with their friends or alone. At the end, we see the game Mafia: The Definitive Edition becoming free, which is actually a remake version of the Mafia game. In the meantime, I would like to mention that subscribers and Extra and Premium already have access to Mafia: The Definitive Edition, but if you only have the Essential service, you will be able to experience the game from next month.

What do you think of Zumji users about this? All the mentioned games will be available to users from 18th of Bahman (7th of February).

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