Galaxy Watch 6 comes with a bigger battery than previous versions

Something about the launch of series smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Not left, and now this series has received the 3C certification of China. According to the explanation provided by this certificate, apparently this family has Bigger battery It will be compared to its previous version (Galaxy Watch 5) and also in total Four models Will have.

According to reports about this device, the Galaxy Watch 6 will be available in two sizes of 40 and 44 mm. The battery capacity of the two smaller models is stated to be 300 mAh, and the larger models will have a 350 mAh battery. Therefore, the battery of the new device is slightly more powerful than the 284 and 340 mAh batteries in the previous versions of the Galaxy Watch.

Battery capacity and different sizes of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Additionally, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will also be available in 42mm and 46mm sizes. The smaller version has a 330 mAh battery, while the larger version supports a 400 mAh battery. However, the batteries of these models will also be larger than the 247 and 340 mAh cells found in previous Galaxy Watch Classic models.

The larger battery capacity shows that Samsung plans to increase the battery life of its smartwatches, which is one of the most important aspects for users.

Apart from the battery specifications, not much information about the Galaxy Watch 6 series is available yet. However, according to other rumors, these devices will have glass displays with Corning Gorilla Glass DX protection, be made of titanium or stainless steel, come in different colors and will benefit from a wide range of fitness monitoring capabilities. They may also come with rotatable frame support.

Although Samsung has yet to confirm any information about these devices, the Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to launch in April or August alongside other devices, including the Korean giant’s next-generation foldable phones.

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