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The Cyberpunk 2077 game has undergone major changes and improvements over the past 18 months, and many of its bugs have been fixed. What we see now from Cyberpunk 2077 is radically different from what we saw after its release, and now the relative satisfaction of the players has been achieved. However, you can install mods on it to partially bridge the gap between Cyberpunk 2077 and the ideal game we’ve been waiting for for years. In this article from Vijiato, we have introduced and reviewed the best items of Cyberpunk 2077; Stay with us.

How to install cyberpunk 2077 mods?

First you need to install Vortex mod manager.

Vortex mod manager download link

Then download and install one of the following plugins:

Vortex mod manager is very easy to use; rar files are enough. Copy the mod into the MODS folder, then run Cyberpunk through the Vortex mod manager launcher.

TweakXLLifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits

download link

Install this mod if you feel like cyberpunk gangs are copy/pasted. Thanks to this extraordinary material, the gangster groups of the city each have their own characteristics and a balance is established between their powers; Tyger Claws, Militech, Maelstrom and other criminal gangs of the city are reborn with the help of the Lifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits mod.

Synchronize weapon and armor level with player level

download link

You probably also agree that as you progress through the Cyberpunk 2077 game, a mountain of items and equipment will fall on you, most of which are really useless and just waste your storage space. This is where this mod comes in handy, and by automatically removing unwanted items, both your equipment storage space will always remain optimal and you will be sure that at any moment, you will have the best possible weapon among the junk you have already picked up.

The main character is silent

download link

Many players love the way V talks. V is the first letter of a character named Vincent (male) or Valerie (female), which you control as the main character of the game. However, the creators of Cyberpunk have intended monologues for V that are partly compatible with his male gender, and partly with his female gender; This makes it difficult to understand V’s character according to his gender. The solution to this problem is the Silent Protagonist Male / Silent Protagonist Female mod, which removes all of V’s male or female monologues.

Household items!

download link

If you’ve spent the night with V many times, you’ve walked the streets of cyberpunk and you’ve returned home exhausted from chasing and shooting, you probably want to have more and better tools and accessories at home to give you a little more sense of peace. This is where the Better Housing Buffs mod comes in and adds a little order to your life.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners or an anime mod!

download link

If you are a fan of anime, you might want to experience some of its atmosphere in Cyberpunk 2077. By installing the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners mod, you will achieve your goal; Everything from weapons to hairstyles are given an anime feel, and a radio station is added to the game that plays anime music.

Fight from the car

download link

The Vehicle Combat mod is designed to improve the behavior of cyberpunk cops. By installing this mod, the police show a harsher but more realistic behavior; In such a way that if you commit a crime, the news of it will not reach the police from the unseen world, but someone must see it and report it to the police. When the police come to you, thanks to this mod, you will see very angry and bad-tempered officers, who will take your breath away and even shoot from inside the car!

Flying cars

download link

This is one of the most famous articles of Cyberpunk 2077; A wonderful mod that allows you to ride and drive a flying car, which happens to be compatible with the futuristic cyberpunk atmosphere. Thanks to the Let There Be Flight mod, you can fly in the sky with your car and enjoy watching the future and of course its beautiful audio and visual effects.

Enjoyable motorcycle riding

download link

Cyberpunk 2077 does not lack engines, but none of them really bring a lot of fun to ride. Thanks to the Bike Overhaul mod, both the appearance and the final speed limit of the engines will be significantly improved and their performance will be very fast and satisfactory.

Improved police

download link

CD Projekt already promised to make the performance of cyberpunk cops a little more realistic, because now if you commit a crime, the cops will be teleported to the scene of the crime, and that’s not cool at all! Thanks to the Enhanced Police mod, the policemen’s behavior is closer to reality, so that at low levels of crime, they come to the square on foot, but eventually they come to your service with bicycles and cars.

Auxiliary drones

download link

Cyberpunk 2077 is a single-player game, but by installing the Drone Companions mod, you can create robotic companions and use them to accompany you in your battles. In addition, you can build unmanned robotic planes and control them remotely and take your enemies out of your way easily and beautifully.

Neon weapons

download link

Cyberpunk 2077’s weapons are cool, but maybe not cool enough! If you install the Arasaka Cyberarms mod, beautiful light blades will appear on your arms that have striking neon colors. In addition, with the help of this mod, you can personalize some of your weapons using neon lights.

Better lighting

download link

Remember the Cyberpunk preview at E3 2018? Unfortunately, there was no news about the wonderful lighting that won the hearts of the E3 2018 audience, but thanks to the E3 2018 Lighting mod, the cyberpunk 2077 lighting will be what we wanted it to be, but it didn’t happen!

Which of Cyberpunk 2077 items have you experienced so far? Please share your comments with us and the users of Vijayato.

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