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models Generative artificial intelligence with various abilities are quickly becoming common tools for the general public to benefit from the abilities AI are. These models have amazing capabilities such as writing articles and emails, answering user questions and even generating photos based on text, and they have completely proven their abilities in these fields. In this article, we are going to introduce the most important artificial intelligence models that produce photos that are currently available to the public.

Photo-generating artificial intelligence models have become very popular on the Internet, and some of the photos produced by them have even won top awards in the field of photography. You don’t need to be a talented artist or photographer to create beautiful images with these models. If already from Chatbots Artificial intelligence Like ChatGPT Or you have used Bing, you can easily use the tools that we will introduce below to create extraordinary images.

for use Generative AI tools Photo generator is just enough to describe the photo you want to deliver, with the details and subtleties you have in mind; Like describing a scene.

The best photo generator artificial intelligence models

In this section, we will introduce the best examples of these models; From free to paid and from simple to complex. How it works and its features AI models Is different; So even if their input text is the same, their output will be different.

The best photo generator artificial intelligence models are as follows:

  • Midjourney
  • DALL-E
  • Stable Diffusion Online
  • DreamStudio
  • Bing Image Creator


Midjourney photo generator artificial intelligence

Although Midjourney It’s not the first generative AI tool created to produce photos, but now most people choose it for a number of reasons. First, the fifth version (V5) of this model has surpassed similar models. In some cases, the output images of this model are very real; Of course, mistakes can be seen in the outputs, which is natural due to the use of artificial intelligence.

Access to Midjourney is not possible through our app or website, unlike many models on the list, and to use it, you need to use the Discord chatbot application, which is usually used in gaming forums; Of course, this is not a bad problem and it can even be seen as an advantage; Because Discord runs on all major platforms, including browsers.

To use Midjourney, you only need to create an account and start working after joining the Midjourney Discord server and accepting the terms. It is possible to use this model in both free and paid modes. Initially, you can produce approximately 25 photos for free during the trial period; Of course, the free mode is disabled during peak traffic times.

The cheapest way to use Midjourney is to pay a monthly subscription of $10, and if you pay for a full year’s subscription, the cost of using it is slightly reduced; Of course, in the paid mode, the number of photos that can be produced is limited to about 200 photos per month.

In Midjourney, you can describe the photo you want with just a few words or even a few emojis. The performance of this model in creating photos with desired parameters is excellent; For example, you can get an image with 16:9 aspect ratio by typing –ar and anime style images by typing –niji.


DALL-E photo generator artificial intelligence

This AI tool was released in 2021 and became the first generative artificial intelligence model welcomed by the public. The new version of this model, namely DALL-E 2, has a higher level due to its better ability to understand natural language and provide higher quality images. This new version has the ability to edit output images; So you can replace the elements in the images or add new elements to them.

DALL-E is a product of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. The company used the GPT-3 Big Language Model as the foundation of DALL-E, which describes how DALL-E understands user-entered text.

Using this AI model is completely simple and convenient and only requires creating an OpenAI account. If you have used ChatGPT before, you have this account. After entering, just write your text in the text box and click the Generate button.

One credit will be consumed after creating each image; Unfortunately, DALL-E is no longer free as of April 2023, and if you want to create an account now, you have to buy credit. You have to pay $15 each time you buy credits, which is equivalent to 115 credits; That is, the cost of each photo production with this artificial intelligence model is around 13 cents, which is not a bad price for one of the best AI photo generator models; Of course free use of DALL-E through AI chatbot Bing Chat Microsoft is still possible.

Stable Diffusion Online

Stable Diffusion Online image generator artificial intelligence (Stable Diffusion Online)

Unlike other directory templates, this tool is completely free and open source. If you have a powerful computer with a discrete graphics card, you can download it and run it yourself. If you have an 8GB graphics card, you can use this tool completely offline; Of course, many non-gaming computers and computers that are not created for graphics work do not have such a powerful graphics card.

using Stable Diffusion It’s really easy and to do this you just need to go to the Stable Diffusion Online website and enter your text; It doesn’t get any easier than this! You don’t need to create an account to use this model, and the generated images are saved and visible to others. If you want your privacy to be preserved as much as possible, you should run this tool on your computer. It is not possible for you to view the history of the created images; But it is possible to search among the texts entered on the website and their outputs; So if you have no idea, you can get inspiration from the imported texts.

Dream Studio

DreamStudio photo generator artificial intelligence

Although Stable Diffusion is good enough as a free service, its features are not complete; For example, it is not possible to customize the size of images or edit images after creating them in this tool; But luckily, Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion, has come forward DreamStudio This has fixed the problem.

DreamStudio is like a tidy app with lots of buttons and number pages. The possibility of producing multiple photos at the same time, changing the image ratio, removing certain elements in masterpieces produced by artificial intelligence, etc., is provided in this AI model. DreamStudio also offers different styles; From photorealism style to origami and comic book style.

It is possible to add elements to images generated by artificial intelligence or remove elements from these images using the Edit tab; For example, you can erase the sections you want with the eraser tool and then fill the deleted section by writing the text you want.

Of course, unlike Stable Diffusion, using DreamStudio is not free; But when you create an account and log in, you can use 25 free credits and create 125 images with them. With a minimum subscription of $10 you can get 1000 credits and create 5000 images.

Bing Chat

Bing Chat photo generator artificial intelligence

Microsoft’s Bing search engine got a new chat mode shortly after the release of ChatGPT. Some time later, Microsoft enhanced the capabilities of its search engine by adding a photo-generating artificial intelligence tool. Currently, this tool with the name Bing Image Creator It has a dedicated page with ideas for photo creation and instructions on how to use it.

Microsoft and OpenAI work closely with each other, which is why the company has created its photo-generating AI tool based on DALL-E. If you have free credit on one of these platforms, you can easily switch to another.

When you sign in to your Microsoft account, Bing Image Creator automatically gives you 100 free credits, called boosts, with which you can create your favorite images almost instantly. Boosts are recharged automatically every week and currently it is not possible to buy more credits by paying a fee; So if your credits run out earlier than a week, you have to wait until the appointed time. However, now there is no limit to how you can create photos for free with Bing Image Creator.

Access to this artificial intelligence tool through Bing Chat is possible even on the mobile platform. To use Microsoft’s image generator artificial intelligence in this way, just select Creative mode and start your text with the words “Generate an image of”. If you use Bing Image Creator with this method, you can create up to 200 photos per day; Just like there is a limit to using Bing Chat’s AI chatbot.

If you have used one of the introduced artificial intelligence models, share your opinions about them with Digiato’s contacts and say which of these tools is better for producing photos with AI.

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