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Version 7 of the website and application of “Tetherland” cryptocurrency exchange was unveiled. Being expandable without complicating the platform, improving the loading speed by three times, reducing the conversion fee, increasing the operation speed by two times, and the possibility of trading securities tokens of the Tehran Stock Exchange are among the changes of the new version.

Tetherland cryptocurrency exchange unveiled the new version of its platform a few minutes ago during an event titled “Sixth Step, Principle of Simplicity”. This unveiling of the new version took place on the eve of Teterland’s sixth year of operation.

According to the announcement of this exchange, from Saturday, May 23, the new Tetherland app and website will be available and you can experience the new service. Also, on the occasion of Tetherland’s fifth birthday, users can trade on this platform for 5 days without fees.

One of the main features of this version is its extensibility, which makes it easy to add new features without confusing the user or making the platform complicated.

3 times improvement of loading speed, addition of progressive web application version, improvement of sales, purchase, deposit and withdrawal processes, 2 times increase of operation speed, faster access to Tether and Toman conversion, reduction of conversion fee, better compatibility with all types of screens, addition of English languages , French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish, professional management counter, regular history and receipts, filtering and categorization capabilities, professional control of inviting friends and making money, and the possibility of trading Tehran Stock Exchange tokens in a cryptocurrency converter are among the main features of the new Tetherland version. Is.

In this event, Tetherland’s product designer “Shaghaiq Mohammadi” mentioned the timeline of the change of the new version and said: “Our research started in the spring of 1401, we started researching users at the same time as planning. The needs and wants of the user were fully investigated. After presenting the final solution, the new implementation interface and the project were handed over to the development team.

Tetherland product design

He stated that they are always trying to provide the best user experience and stated that the new product is expandable, which means it does not become complicated by adding features and functions.

Tetherland’s product designer further described the features of Tetherland version 7 and said: “We value users’ second by second and we have put our efforts to improve the site’s loading speed. And now the site with Triple speed It will come up before. By fully examining the process of buying, selling, depositing and withdrawing, the necessary corrections were made The operation speed is doubled It was increased so that the user gets a better experience and has less time to get what he wants.”

Reducing the distance between user levels is another feature of the new version. The transaction volume required to increase the user level by 50% and increase the user level to achieve a lower fee has been reduced.

Another new feature of this version is the addition of the dark theme. Of course, Tetherland is against using Dark Mode for some reasons; But it has added this feature to its new version at the request of many users.

New version of Tetherland

According to Mohammadi, one of the importance of the financial service product is the low fee that they have implemented in Tetherland to reduce the conversion fee and gradually reduce the Tetherland market fee based on the user level for the satisfaction of users.

The upgrade of friend invitation scheme has been implemented in the new version, which allows professional control to invite friends and upgrade it. The notification section has been added to the user panel of this exchange and the latest announcements can also be seen in this section.

English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Russian languages ​​will also be supported in this version.

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