Ghostwire Tokyo is listed for Xbox

According to a leaked image from the Bethesda office, Ghostwire Tokyo is likely to be listed for release on the Xbox platform.

Recently, one of the Twitter users has published a picture of the wall of Bethesda’s office in London, where the poster of the game Ghostwire Tokyo can be seen. However, the interesting point is that in addition to this image, the platforms of the Ghostwire Tokyo game are PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X. Xbox has introduced the S series. The game Ghostwire Tokyo has been exclusive to PlayStation until now; However, there is still no official news about the release date of the Xbox version of this game.

Although this image was removed from the site after a while, considering that Bethesda was bought by Microsoft in March 2021, the release of the Ghostwire Tokyo game on Xbox consoles is not surprising. Before Bethesda was bought by Microsoft, Sony had exclusive rights to two games, Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo, for the PlayStation 5 console, and Microsoft was prohibited from publishing these games on its consoles.

Fights in the game GhostWire: Tokyo

However, Deathloop was recently made available to Xbox 9th generation consoles almost a year after its release on PlayStation 5. Now, according to the exclusive contract of Ghostwire Tokyo, this game will probably be released in March 2023 on Xbox consoles and Game Pass service.

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