Global CCTV market revenue

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The industry of CCTV systems started working in the world years ago and has penetrated into most aspects of our lives.

The use of CCTV in different dimensions has become so widespread that it is estimated that the demand for this product will increase by 8.4% in the years 2022 to 2032.

The increase in demand for CCTV systems in recent years has led to the development of these security systems; CCTV systems have revolutionized the way we collect, share, analyze and store digital data.

CCTV cameras equipped with artificial intelligence are an integral part of our lives, for example, the CCTV system of traffic signs controls traffic, which is one of the great needs of governments. The demand for surveillance systems in various sectors is so extensive that the global CCTV industry is expected to witness an increase in revenue from $14.7 billion in 2022 to $45.7 billion by 2032. In addition to this, statistics indicate that the increase in revenue in the global CCTV market in Asia and the Pacific will have a significant growth rate. In the meantime, smart city projects are expected to be an opportunity for the profit of the global CCTV and security systems market. If you are interested in the growth of the CCTV market in Jaharn and Iran, stay tuned to the end of this article.

What are the key indicators of shareholders for investment?

Studies have been carried out to determine the analytical statistics of the global CCTV market size; In this research, the behavior of current users is considered so that investors can reach their goals with a correct estimate of the future.

The overall analysis of the CCTV market has considered one of the key indicators to focus on artificial intelligence. CCTV market forecasts using artificial intelligence from 2020 to 2030 are quantitatively analyzed to test its financial worthiness. Key indicators for shareholder investment are the popularity of CCTV cameras based on technology, appearance of CCTV cameras, storage space, users and buyers of CCTV cameras. Accordingly, CCTV brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, Panasonic, Sony, etc. have tried to invest and develop these items. We will explain more about this later.

Investment and growth of Dahua company

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. has been able to create value for city operations, company management, and home consumers by providing intelligent IoT solutions and services on the image. Focusing on the development of Dahua camera technology and investment, Dahua company will reach a total revenue of 4.06 billion yuan in 2020.

Dahua Corporation allocates 10% of its annual sales revenue to the research and development of Dahua camera technology. This Chinese company started producing CCTV cameras in 2002 and has employed 18,000 people to produce Dahua cameras. With a strong marketing network for Dahua cameras, Dahua has more than 200 provincial offices in China as well as 58 subsidiaries abroad so that Dahua CCTV customers in any part of the world and any region can easily access this security system. Have.

Dahua Camera has participated in major events such as Rio Olympics, China International Import Expo, BRICS Summit, Vatican City Project, Toyota Argentina Factory and Sao Paulo International Airport and many other major projects, the mentioned ones are some of the projects. He has been Dahua camera is one of the best-selling brands in Iran’s CCTV market. In recent years, according to the needs of people who buy CCTV cameras in Iran, it has increased; Obviously, Dahua camera is known as one of the main brands in the major distribution center of CCTV cameras; In the following, we describe some of the activities of CCTV camera importers in Iran.

Importing CCTV cameras in Iran

As it was said, the import of CCTV cameras in Iran and the wholesale sale of CCTV cameras are one of the large and untapped markets that have a high potential for growth. CCTV cameras are imported and distributed in Iran by companies such as Mad Talai, Fragastar, Sanat Aman, etc., which guarantee CCTV cameras under these titles. Note that many CCTV distributors import fake or smuggled goods that are not very reliable. Broadcasting of CCTV cameras in Iran is done by limited companies and many sellers operate in the provinces by obtaining official representation from these companies.

For example, Durbin Mall’s CCTV broadcasting is one of the agencies that sell CCTV cameras at a wholesale price or a cooperative price. Durbin Mall’s CCTV distribution center, focusing on wholesale sales, has considered various platforms for ordering colleagues so that people can easily buy bulk CCTV cameras anywhere in Iran.

Wholesale distribution of CCTV cameras. Durbin Mall, with a history of selling CCTV cameras for many years, observes all the factors that lead to an easier and more confident purchase. Darbin Mall’s CCTV broadcast will be ready to accept your orders by providing platforms such as website, application and phone call.

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