God of War Ragnarok marked the biggest release in the history of this series

Based on the forecast GfKPlay God of War Ragnarok As the newest game in the God of War series, it will debut at number one in the UK sales chart.

According to the analysis website report GfKPlay God of War Ragnarok It recorded a very impressive start in the UK chart and as the latest game in the God of War series, it has topped the UK sales chart. So far, 12 God of War games have been released in the UK, including 6 games from the original series, two games for portable consoles, collections and remakes of games in this series. First game in July 2005 for PS2 It was published and placed in the fifth position of this chart.

This is one of two cases that a game God of War It does not start its work by being in the first place. The second game of this series was released two years later in May 2007 and reached the first place. After that, in March 2010, God of War 3 was released for PlayStation 3 and experienced the top of the table again. God of War Ascension It was the fourth game of this series, which was released 3 years later, but after the reboot Tomb Raider is from Crystal Dynamics Studio.

Kratos in God of War Ragnarok

Then the God of War reboot was released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, which was a powerful return to the God of War series. This game later became the best selling game of the entire series. The only games that outsold God of War on PS4 that year were FIFA 19, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Now we are at the time of the release of the God of War Ragnarok game, which statistics show that this game will become the biggest release in the history of the God of War series. “God of War Ragnarok starts its career at the top of the sales chart and is launched as the first cross-generational game in the God of War series,” said GfK President Dorian Bloch. The physical sales of this game on the first day have so far been higher than the sales of the first week of the series games, and this record is improving.”

The name of the game

year of supply Platform position in the UK sales chart
God of War 2005 PS2 the fifth
God of War 2 2007 PS2 First
God of War: Chain of Olympus 2008 PSP 29
God of War 3 2010 PS3 First
God of War Collection 2010 PS3 10
God of War Trilogy 2010 PS3 100
God of War: Ghost of Sparta 2010 PSP 73
God of War Collection: Volume II 2011 PS3 35
God of War: Ascension 2013 PS4 Second
God of War Collection 2014 PS VITA 41
God of War 3: Remastered 2015 PS4 9
God of War 2018 PS4 First
God of War: Ragnarok 2022 PS4/PS5 First

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