Google and OpenAI competition over AI; A battle that the open source community will win

With the emergence and success of ChatGPT, many companies, including Google, changed their strategy to compete with this chatbot. However, one of the search engine giant’s chief engineers apparently believes that they are losing the main competition with the open source community by focusing on competing with OpenAI and Microsoft.

The new generation of chatbots can respond to the most complex user requests in natural human language. This technology has changed the way we search the Internet, which is Google’s core business. Chatbots have shown that AI can do some things even better than humans.

Microsoft soon realized the potential of ChatGPT and implemented this technology in Bing. Later, artificial intelligence was added to many other products of this Redmond giant. As a result, Google had no choice but to introduce its chatbot as soon as possible.

However, despite the introduction of Bard chatbot, experts and investors still have many doubts about the future of Google. These ambiguities have been extended to this company as well. “Luke Cernao” is one of the company’s engineers who shared his opinions about the company’s current situation within this business in April, and these opinions have now been published by the SemiAnalysis website.

The main competition is with the open source community

Sernao believes that Google has focused on competing with OpenAI, and this competition is wrong, because it has blinded the Internet giant and created the conditions for the growth of a bigger competitor. This competitor is off the same Open source community Is. This community includes researchers who do not work for technology companies. They are advancing at a faster rate than Google and OpenAI in the field of artificial intelligence.

“We were very careful with OpenAI,” Sernau writes. We were saying who will achieve the next achievement? What is the next step? But the sad truth is that we are in no position to win this race, and neither is OpenAI. While we were busy competing with each other, a third competitor appeared who is slowly taking over our share. Of course, I am talking about the open source community. “Simply put, they are leaving us behind.”

The text-based community runs its core models at high speed on a Pixel 6 phone. They can customize an AI model for you overnight and bring up sites full of artistic models with no limits.

This Google engineer believes that Google’s biggest competitor is the open source community; Because they are making models that are cheaper, faster, and easier to change and re-adjust for each customer.

“Although our models are still slightly better in terms of quality, the gap is closing at an amazing rate,” Sernau continues. Open source models are faster, more customizable, more private, and more powerful in cost comparison. We do not have a secret potter’s death. Our biggest hope is to learn and collaborate with those who are working outside of Google.”

This competition has no result but failure

He also warned Google about errors that could have major business consequences in the future. “People won’t pay for a limited model when there’s a free, unlimited, peer-to-peer alternative,” Sernau says. We need to consider where we can add value. Giant models slow us down. “In the long run, the best models are the ones that can be quickly remade.” Therefore, he suggests that they also go for the production of smaller versions of their models.

Another thing that worries Sernao is the leak of the small meta artificial intelligence model known as LLaMA and what happened after that. “Following this event, a lot of creative ideas came up, and each big achievement was only a few days away,” writes the veteran engineer. Most importantly, they solved the scalability problem as much as possible. Many of these new ideas came from ordinary people. The existing obstacle on the way of training and testing models was removed so that these capabilities can reach from large research companies to one person, one night and a powerful laptop.”

At the end, he reiterates that the focus on OpenAI will lead to Google’s decline, as the main danger lies elsewhere. Google and OpenAI are actually similar because they both have closed policies.

“Competing directly with the open source community will only result in losing,” Sernao says. Recent developments [در قدرت جامعه متن‌باز] It has a direct and immediate effect on our business strategy. Who would pay for a product from Google that has usage restrictions when there is a free, high-quality alternative without these issues?”

He believes that Google cannot compete with this community and apparently it is better to join them: “The modern Internet moves based on the idea of ​​open source for a specific reason. “Open source comes with huge benefits that we can’t replicate.”

Google has not officially reacted to these talks.

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