Google made Bard artificial intelligence smarter in solving math problems

Google, as promised, AI chatbot Bard equipped with a more advanced language model that can now better understand and answer multi-step math questions and problems.

With Google’s Bard AI, users can make requests to be more creative or solve work-related problems. Now as Jack Krawcheck, Chief product manager of Google, noted, the company has brought some new enhancements to the chatbot thanks to its PaLM language model. Google continues to receive feedback on its new AI, but the main goal is to improve Bard’s abilities in math and logic.

New and future capabilities of Bard artificial intelligence

Krawcheck explains in his tweet that with these improvements, Bard can better understand and answer users’ multi-step and mathematical problems. He also notes that Bard will also gain the ability to assist with coding, but users will still have to wait for an upgrade for that.

Google’s chief product officer went on to explain that the company is committed to improving the overall performance of its AI model, and this new upgrade is just one example of Google’s weekly updates.

When Google first unveiled Bard in February last year, the AI ​​tool supported the LaMDA language model. Currently, this chatbot supports another language model called PaLM.

Google made its Bard chatbot publicly available to users two weeks ago. Currently, users in the United States and the United Kingdom can put their names on a waiting list to use it, and the tech giant will make it available to more people over time.

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