Google mistakenly deposited up to 1000 dollars in the account of some users!

It has happened many times that companies mistakenly deposit money for their users, and now this problem has plagued Google. Some Google Pay users say that for no particular reason, Up to $1,000 It has been deposited into their account! Apparently, this happened by mistake on Google’s side.

Various users on the r/GooglePixel subreddit have reported receiving various amounts of money on the Google Pay service. Apparently, along with these payments, users have received a message indicating that these amounts are for testing Money transfer service Google Pay is paid to users. Of course, the point here is that the users had not actually participated in a particular experiment.

In other words, these amounts should only go to people, usually developers, who wanted to test the Google Pay app. However, some other users too mistakenly They have received these amounts.

If you have spent the money sent by Google, don’t worry!

“Mishal Rahman”, the developer in mail On his personal page on Twitter, he explained that Google apparently informed users of this mistake in an email. The tech giant says sending these amounts was unintentional. If it is possible to return the money, Google has done it, but if the users have spent the received amount, there will be no problem for their account.

Such errors had already occurred in different services of different companies. For example, Burger King sent users receipts last summer when they hadn’t ordered anything at all. This company said at the same time that an error in the processing system caused this problem.

But this case is a bit more interesting because real money is involved and some users have received free money literally without any hassle. No matter how we write this sentence, it still seems strange!

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