Google was fined several million dollars in Texas for Pixel 4 ads

Before Google changed its direction with the Pixel 5 and 6, the company made a product called the Pixel 4, which was considered their last full-fledged flagship. But the advertisements of this product became a problem for this company. Mountain View previously settled with the FTC on a fine of $9 million, and now they are being fined $9 million for the deception in making these ads. 8 million dollars encountered in Texas.

In 2019 and early 2020, Google made commercials for the Pixel 4 that gave an unrealistic narrative of the quality of the company’s phone through the words of radio music station hosts. Now the Attorney General of the State of Texas has announced that this company because Deception in advertising design He has agreed to pay a fine of 8 million dollars.

How were Google’s Pixel 4 ads?

At the time, the company asked radio DJs to sing commercials for the Pixel 4. However, these ads were written as if they were presenting a person’s personal experience. For example, in one of these ads it was said: “How long has it been?” [با پیکسل 4] I take pictures that look like studio pictures.” While this claim was not true and the announcers of the advertisements had not tried this phone at all to be able to comment on it.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says, “If Google wants to advertise in Texas, its statements should Real be In this case, the company made statements that were false, and our settlement held Google liable lying In order to make money from the citizens of Texas, he knows.

According to a statement sent to Reuters by a spokesperson for the search engine giant, it appears that the company did not put up much resistance to the ruling. Of course, this number is also not a big number in the scale of Google’s income that will cause them trouble or discomfort.

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