Great wall cyber pickup was unveiled; Pickup with six wheels and 510 horsepower

Great Wall is one of the Chinese off-road car manufacturers that recently added a completely different product to its product portfolio. This pickup is called cyber pickup and is equipped with three axes. In other words, this pickup, whose name is accidentally similar to Tesla Cybertruck, has six wheels! This particular pickup has been developed in collaboration with Great Wall Co-Creation and Chaojing Motors and with a 510 horsepower hybrid engine It will go to production lines.

Great wall cyber pickup and focus on off-road capabilities

The new Great Wall is designed and produced based on the Kanon pickup of this company. The rims of this six-wheel pickup are 18 inches and with 33 inch tires every where are surrounded by These tires are manufactured by Cooper Discoverer. In order to better absorb shocks, engineers have strengthened the suspension system and have chosen Nitrogen CyberPickup shock absorbers.

Great Wall claims CyberPickup The first 6×6 pickup made in China is considered. Powering this stout car is a plug-in hybrid engine capable of producing 510 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque has the Interestingly, all six wheels benefit from the engine’s power. Cyberpickup uses 5 differential locks for better off-road performance. This rechargeable hybrid pickup also has the ability to move with an electric motor, which, of course, cannot be counted on due to its high weight. This pickup can tow up to 6 tons It has the weight.

To create more differentiation with the standard model of the current Great Wall pickup, the designers have applied many changes in different parts of the Cyberpickup body. The protrusion of the edge of the fenders, the use of a front bumper with a larger air intake, a special grille with a luminous border, Carbon fiber hoodside pedals and in two pieces of the load part are among these changes.

Like the current standard model, the Great Wall Cyber ​​Pickup can carry 5 passengers. The covers have a lighter color and the decorations and details compared to the standard model Higher quality have.

Although the Great Wall Cyber ​​Pickup looks more like a concept and demonstration model, the Australian publication CarExpert has reported that this car will enter the phase in 4×4 and 6×6 versions. Mass production will be.

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