Guide to buying a used motorcycle with a budget of 20 to 100 million Tomans

Motorcycle is an exciting vehicle all over the world, although its use in our country is slightly different. In Iran, this two-wheeled vehicle is used more for transporting goods and passengers than for fun and pleasure riding. With the increase in car prices in recent years, the desire of customers to buy motorcycles has increased. Therefore, users need a motorcycle buying guide that is comprehensive and complete.

Currently, buying the cheapest motorcycle costs a little more than 10 million tomans for users. The most expensive motorcycles in the market are priced up to 4 billion tomans and are serious competitors of luxury cars. Therefore, the price range of motorcycles in the market is very wide. For this reason, in the guide to buying a motorcycle from Digiato, we will focus on the most popular parts of the market.

Guide to buying a motorcycle less than 20 million tomans

The cheapest motorcycles in the market are in the price range of less than 20 million Tomans. With a budget less than this amount, you can buy used versions of Honda design engines. These engines with engine capacity of 125 cc have been offered by different Iranian manufacturers. Small electric or gasoline scooters can also be purchased at this price. Of course, note that with this budget you will only be able to buy used motorcycles; Even if they are scooters.

Buying guide in the range of 20 to 40 million tomans

If you double your motorcycle budget, you’ll be faced with a wider range of options. Of course, the motorcycles in this price range are still used, with the difference that their model is higher and their performance is lower than the previous price range. Also, if you want to buy electric or gasoline scooters, you will be able to buy them for less than 40 million Tomans.

Motorcycle buying guide

In the price range of less than 40 million tomans, some different and attractive engines can also be purchased. Among these engines, we can mention Bajaj Pulsar 180. Of course, these engines are from more than a decade ago and may leave the owner with heavy repair costs.

40 to 60 million tomans

Once upon a time, that is, about 4 years ago, you could buy a Pride similar to Zero with a budget of less than 60 million Tomans, but in June 1402, this rate is mentioned for the price of a motorcycle. The Honda design versions, which are considered to be copies of the original Honda CG125, are still flagship motorcycles in this price range. Of course, now their model is newer. For example, you can buy a Honda CDi 125 model 1401 engine with 10 thousand functions with a budget of about 58 million Tomans.

One of the attractive options in this price range are the click design versions of the Kabir Motor brand. These engines are known as Click Up 150i. The advantage of these urban engines is the automatic transmission. Also, for people who are looking for a motorcycle with a different appearance in this price category, the Iranian two-wheeler XY150 will be a good option.

60 to 80 million tomans

We’re slowly approaching six-figure prices in our motorcycle buying guide, and the options just keep getting better. For those interested in classic engines, there are versions of the Honda design with a 200 cc engine volume and very little performance in this range. However, there are more attractive options in this price range.

The price range of 60 to 80 million Tomans in the motorcycle market is filled with all kinds of Honda Click and Honda View motorcycles, most of which are from Chinese or Iranian brands. For example, consumers can buy a SWM Galaxy CL 150 model 1401 for 65 million Tomans. Bajaj Pulse 135 is a suitable option for those who like sports engines in this price range.

80 to 100 million tomans

Fortunately, in this price range, there are no more Honda design engines, and now we can provide users with a suitable motorcycle buying guide. In addition to the lack of old Honda design engines in this price range, consumers are able to buy a suitable motorcycle with zero kilometers by spending more than 80 million tomans. For example, the Honda Click Desert Motor motorcycle named S2 150 and model 1401 can be purchased for 81 million Tomans. If you are not interested in Iranian brands and prefer to buy Chinese names, the zero-kilometer version of the PK 135 engine from the Lifan brand is at your disposal with a budget of about 90 million tomans.

Benelli motorcycles are another attractive option in this price range. Among the models of this brand, we can mention the Benelli TNT 150, which you can buy second-hand versions with little service at a price of more than 80 million Tomans. Another attractive option in this price category is the Apache 150 motorcycle, which of course is available in used versions.

The price range is 100 million tomans

Many of the engines that we have mentioned so far in the motorcycle buying guide are also available in the price range of more than 100 million tomans. The main difference is related to their function. In the price range of more than 100 million Tomans, zero kilometer versions of many engines from previous ranges are available to customers. Among the zero-kilometer options at the limit of 100 million Tomans, we can mention the following: Kabir Motor Rise NVX 150i, Benelli TNT 150 and Kavir Motor S5 150.

In addition to the previous engines, you can buy some options with little operation in the price range of 100 million Tomans. Among these engines, we can mention Benelli Cafe Nero 150 and Zonets N2 230 N. For those who are interested in nature tourism, internal cross engines with 200 cc engine volume are also available. Among these models, we can mention CB200 engine or CRF200 plateau from Javan Hemta brand.

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