Hackers carried out the largest DDoS attack in history with 31 thousand IPs

In the largest DDoS or “denial of service” attack in history, hackers used more than 30,000 IPs to send a maximum 71 million requests per secondremove a set of gaming, crypto, web hosting and cloud computing websites.

Cloudflare says hackers broke the previous record of 46 million requests per second in June 2022 in an attack with up to 71 million requests per second earlier this week. Last year’s attack lasted more than an hour and Google was able to identify more than 5000 IP addresses from 132 countries.

The biggest DDoS attack in history was against which sites?

The target websites of this attack are not exactly known, but the current report states that the sites Gaming, hosting, cloud computing and related to cryptocurrencies They were among them. These attacks are based on HTTP/2 and the source of their execution goes back to several cloud servers. Cloudflare says it is now working to identify and disable these botnets.

The company claims that due to the increase in attacks, it is offering a new service from cloud servers for these servers so that they can have more control over their IP range. Cloudflare also claims that this attack is unrelated to the Killnet denial of service attack that occurred about two weeks ago. In addition, it is unlikely that the hackers planned this attack with the American Super Bowl in mind.

DDoS attacks are aimed at disrupting internet services. In these attacks, a wide set of HTTP requests are sent to websites so that these websites do not have the capacity to respond to their users. The cost of conducting denial-of-service attacks has decreased significantly in recent years, and hackers can easily purchase these attacks by paying small fees.

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