Hackers hack phones remotely with a method called GhostTouch

Hackers are always finding new ways to break into your phone. So far, there have been many reports about hacking mobile phones through malware, phishing scams and vulnerabilities, but now a new hardware-based method has been discovered through which hackers can take full advantage of users’ phones.

According to TechRadar, security experts at NordVPN explain that hackers can use electromagnetic signals to simulate gestures such as tapping in order to unlock smartphones. This way GhostTouch It allows hackers to access sensitive data such as passwords and even banking applications of users. They can also install malware on your phone this way.

Hack the phone with the GhostTouch method


All a hacker has to do to execute this method is to be near their victim. By placing their equipment in public places, they can send electromagnetic signals to their victims’ phones. Of course, in order to communicate and hack the phone, the device must be close to the hacker’s desired phone, something in the range of 40 mm.

Adrianus Warmenhoven, cyber security expert at NordVPN, says:

“Unfortunately, the most common places for GhostTouch hacks are public places like libraries, cafes or conference lobbies, where people put their phones on tables. In this situation, hackers have already prepared their equipment and start their attack remotely. “The user may not even notice that his device has been hacked.”

In this report, it is said that 9 affordable phones including iPhone SE 2020, Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Nokia 7.2 and Redmi 8 are vulnerable to this method.

Of course, the problem with GhostTouch is that the user notices that his phone is working and can easily stop the hacker from doing what he wants. The best way to protect against GhostTouch is to make sure your phone has a reliable security mechanism like a PIN code.

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