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Have a Nice Death tries to be an engaging, deep, and engaging roguelite game, but despite its problems, it’s just a good experience. Stay with Zoomji by reviewing this game.

When a successful game is released, regardless of whether it is made by an independent studio or a large game company, other game developers try to take inspiration from it and develop their own product. In this way, some studios inject their own innovations into the final product, while others simply change its skin.

Now, among the roguelike/roguelite games that have been released in the last five years, the two games Hades and Dead Cells can be considered the flagship of this genre and were able to entertain many users. Meanwhile, Magic Design Studio launched Have a Nice Death in early access in 2022, and now, after a year, it has been fully released to provide a fun experience in the roguelike/roguelite style.

The first environment of the Have a Nice Death game

The humor and interaction of the characters with each other are among the positive and good things of Have A Nice Death

The story of the game is about a character called Death, who is also considered the CEO of the death organization. In fact, it is Azrael who has undertaken the task of taking Sayer’s life. Now, he no longer finds fun in his work and decides to delegate his duties to others, who we know as Sorrow throughout the game. The character of the story goes to his organization’s paperwork, and after a while, this gets on his nerves. Ultimately, Death decides to return to his original job once again, but in order to do so he must defeat the other Sorrows and prove to them who’s boss.

Have a Nice Death is not a product that you can rely on its story and it doesn’t even try to attract you. The only interesting point of the game in the story part is the presence of characters that have a funny design and some of the dialogues between them will attract your attention. Meanwhile, the failure to present a useful and engaging story has caused the characters to not stand out as they should. The development team used the story as a driving force to depict the gameplay of Have a Nice Death.

Cute design of the second Have a Nice Death boss after defeat

Depending on the way you play and the items you choose, you can implement different strategies

Have a Nice Death is a rogue-like game in which the developer team has prepared 6 bosses and 6 different environments for you. Of course, in every round of the game experience, you are not going to see 6 game environments. Rather, the first and last environments of the game are fixed, and in the meantime, you can selectively view the other two environments. In other words, in each round of the game experience, there are four bosses and four content environments that you will experience. Now, each environment or department of the main organization includes different classes. The item buying and selling floor, the challenge floor, the health bar recovery item acquisition floor, and similar things are things that are prepared for you in each environment. Also, in the meantime, you may face different mini-bosses.

One of the things that contribute to the appeal of most games of this genre is the random structure of the rooms and floors of each environment. Have a Nice Death has fulfilled this to some extent. During the game experience and after death, you will lose all your collected items except the gold bars you earn. Now, through the collected ingots, you can buy things like magic and different skills, food and other items. In other words, the combat system of Have a Nice Death is that it has one main weapon and you can use two other items to damage the enemies. Now these other two items can be two spells, two skills or a combination of these two. Spells depend on your stamina bar, but skills have a cooldown of a few seconds. Therefore, depending on the way you play and the things you choose, you can implement different strategies.

Have a Nice Death boss fight game

The lack of balance in the design and power of mini basses compared to main basses can annoy the audience

In terms of weapons, at the beginning of the game, you can choose your desired weapon from one of the two options provided, or you can experience Have a Nice Death with the default weapon of the game itself, but the presence of a few more weapons or the variety of these existing weapons could also be Expand the experience of the audience. In the meantime, it is not bad to mention the upgrade system. The better your run, the more points you’ll earn in this direction, and higher levels offer various permanent advantages. With these interpretations and things said of Have a Nice Death’s gameplay and combat system, do they fit together well and provide a seamless experience? Unfortunately, the lack of diversity among the main weapons and the somewhat dry type of animation of the hero’s blows have caused the combat system to not provide the psychological experience as it should.

Also, skills and spells have a very diverse design, but most of them have no practical use at all. On the other hand, the design of the use of health bar recovery items has caused you to not be able to use them properly at times. Overall, Have a Nice Death’s gameplay and combat are fun and can keep you entertained at least until you beat the game. However, it does not have the depth and charm that fans of this style expect.

Fight enemies in Have a Nice Death

From a visual point of view, Magic Design Studio has gone to manual designs and has shown a very good performance in this field. The design of the characters and the way they react to each other’s conversations is one of the things that creates entertaining moments for the audience. Apart from the things mentioned in the design section, the design of the main enemies and bosses is at a good level. Bosses are both challenging and have their own fighting mechanism. However, the mini-bosses are not as well designed as they should be and some of them are even harder than the main bosses of the same environment. Have A Nice Death does not have any technical problems, and players can have a smooth experience without frame drops or bugs.

Music is one of the strengths of Have A Nice Death. The different and interesting music of the game is very compatible with the atmosphere and the humorous atmosphere of the game and well conveys the feeling of this atmosphere to the audience. Also, in terms of voice and sound effects, the game is at a good level. In the end, Have A Nice Death, despite the inspirations it has taken from the games of the name Roguelike/Roguelight, is not at their level in any way. But, it still offers entertaining moments because of its strengths.

The review of the game is done according to the computer version

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