Heavy fine of 138 thousand billion riyals for Bahman Motor

The Punishment Organization has obliged Bahman Motor Company to pay a fine of 138 thousand billion riyals due to high prices. Bahman Motor’s fine of 138,000 billion rials is a warning for other sellers who, while ignoring the rights of consumers, are trying to compensate for their lack of liquidity in any way.

According to the ruling issued by the seventh branch for dealing with important and national violations of the Government Penalty Organization, Bahman Motor has been fined exactly 13,860 billion tomans due to the clear and unequivocal ruling of high selling. In fact, the Riyal value of Bahman’s violation was about 924 million tomans, and according to the issued verdict, he must pay a threefold fine. So far, the private company is obliged to pay 27,721 billion Rials. However, according to Article 1 of the resolution of the 69th meeting of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council, which was approved on May 17, all the fines listed in the Law on Government Penalties and the Law on Trade Unions are increased to 5 times. That is, instead of a fine of 27,721 billion Rials, Bakhtbargashte Company has been obliged to pay a huge cost of 138,606 billion Rials.

Bahman Motor fined 138 thousand billion rials

Bahman Motor is also obliged to return the additional amounts that it received from the buyers during the violation period (year 1400). This company has a maximum of 10 days to file an appeal by submitting sufficient documents.

It is clear that the fine of 138,000 billion rials for Bahman Motor can cause significant financial losses to this company and at least neutralize all profitable sales through the commodity exchange channel in 1401.

Of course, the expensive label can be attached to any other car manufacturing company; Because for various reasons, including the compulsion to follow the mandated pricing policy, signs of organizational brokering, pricing and deliberate reduction or increase of production and supply in order to change the car price in the market, are observed in the work process of all manufacturers. But for whatever reason, the lottery has been won in the name of Bahman Motor.

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