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Hi-Fi Rush not only had a surprise launch, but throughout its 12 stages, Hi-Fi Rush surprises and amazes the audience with interesting and entertaining elements. Stay with Zoomji by reviewing this game.

Shinji Mikami, the creator of games such as Resident Evil, The Evil Within and Vanquish, is considered one of the most famous figures in the video game industry that has created many fond memories for gamers. In 2010, he left Capcom and founded Tango KK, which was later renamed Tango Gameworks. A studio that has developed games such as The Evil Within series and GhostWire Tokyo.

If we look at the record of this studio, we can see that their games had a scary and terrifying structure and even Ghostwire Tokyo, despite being different, was closer to the previous works. However, during the Microsoft and Bethesda Direct, Tango Gameworks surprisingly introduced and released its new game. In general, Hi-Fi Rush is a completely different product from the previous works of the Japanese studio Tango Gameworks, which excites the audience.

Apply combos in Hi-Fi Rush

Although the story of the game has a stereotyped structure and generality, the production team has tried their best to show this stereotype well and provide an entertaining experience.

The story of the game is about a boy named Chai who dreams of becoming a rock star. Therefore, he plans to repair his arm through the Armstrong project to remove the obstacles on his way to becoming a rock star. Meanwhile, things don’t go his way and he realizes that Armstrong’s project is actually a cover for a bigger and more dangerous project called Spectra, through which people can repair their imperfections using mechanical components. However, the very essence of Project Spectra was created to control people’s minds so that the Wendley Technology Organization could implement its nefarious goals.

Although the story of the game has a clichéd structure and generality, the production team has made every effort to show this cliché well and provide an entertaining experience; A story whose ending can be guessed from the very first minutes. The main reason why the story of the game did not take a boring form and format and makes you follow it until the end is the characterization of the characters and of course the gameplay. The characterization of the protagonist is well done and gradually we see his personality change. This case has been observed for other main characters as well. Of course, the characterization of all the characters, even the negative characters, gets its true color when they interact with each other.

Boss Fight Hi-Fi Rush

The humor used in the story of Hi-Fi Rush and the relationships of the characters with each other are very detailed and attractive and do not deviate from their structure in any way so that the player does not see unnecessary humor in different parts of the game. Conversations and different sequences of Hi-Fi Rush made the audience witness both exciting and adrenaline-filled sequences and dramatic sequences. Therefore, the story of the game may not have anything to say by itself, but Tango Gameworks has combined it well with various things such as characterization, humor between characters and gameplay, and the output is something that covers the shortcomings of the story.

The humor used in the story of Hi-Fi Rush and the relationships of the characters with each other are very detailed and attractive and do not deviate from their structure in any way so that the player does not see unnecessary humor in different parts of the game.

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythmic action game with hack-and-slash elements that the developer team took inspiration from many games to create the gameplay and designs of Hi-Fi Rush. Since we are on the side of a rhythmic game, the fighting system is deeply integrated with music, and this is not only about the playing of different music during the fighting and progressing through the stages, but hitting and applying different combos are also combined with the music, and the more the better. Be able to perform successful combos, the beat of the playing song will increase even more and you will get a better score. The great thing about the fights and combos is that you can’t just hit the Light and Heavy button in succession to get the game’s successful combos going. Indeed, the completion animation of combos is shown, but the amount of damage dealt is much less than when you successfully land each combo on an opponent.

Hi-Fi Rush Interludes

The design of the type of button presses in the fights is so good that it can be considered the most fun part of the Hi-Fi Rush fights.

This has caused the player to follow the battles carefully so that he can defeat the enemies as quickly as possible. Hi-Fi Rush lacks a character upgrade system and increasing the amount of damage you inflict on enemies, and different types of enemies have the same level of difficulty until the end of the game. To diversify the type of your fights, you can buy different combos, and a special move is intended for the character of Chai, which you can use after the desired bar is filled. New special shots are also released by progressing in the storyline and you can replace them by purchasing them. Of course, Hi-Fi Rush also has a chip purchase system that improves tea features by purchasing different chips. In the meantime, it is not bad to mention dodging and parrying the blows. Parrying allows you to break the enemy’s defense early and destroy them

Hi-Fi Rush’s combat structure doesn’t just end with the mentioned features, but over time fictional characters become available as a sidekick to tea and be able to use them both in gameplay and progress in platform games and battles. Each of the characters have their own skills and over time, the enemies have advantages that the destruction of the desired advantage is done by one of the characters. Therefore, by going through the stages, the level of difficulty of the enemies does not increase, but the Tango Gameworks studio has tried to challenge the audience through various advantages and has been successful in this way. Another part of the fight ends with button presses. Some enemies prepare a unique attack when they reach the end of their health bar, and the protagonist must overcome these attacks with different button presses. Some button presses are also done to apply your special hit.

Hi-Fi Rush Game Campaigns

Hi-Fi Rush’s high level of quality in gameplay and stage design and other parts are among the things that constantly surprise the audience.

This also applies to boss fights. The battle with the bosses consists of button presses and normal fights, as a result, the audience experiences faster and more sensitive battles. The interesting thing about Hi-Fi Rush is that the game has ingame content. During the game experience, you will see special doors that are locked and you are not allowed to pass through them. After finishing the story, these doors are released and behind each door there are contents related to the story of the game. There is also another content of the game called Rhythm Tower, during which you have to clear the enemies on different floors and reach the top of the tower. Enemies become more challenging as you progress through Rhythm Tower, and from the time you start to the end of your round, you are unable to change your chips and special skill.

The contents of Hi-Fi Rush game may not increase the audience’s time of the game experience, but their experience is not without grace. Visually, Hi-Fi Rush has a completely sleek structure. The colorful and eye-catching environments of the game are very well designed, and the new creation of Tango Gameworks is visually a full-fledged experience. The considered partitions have three different structures. Comic based cutscenes, 3D full shade cutscenes and 2D cutscenes created by hand drawing are the things that you watch over and over again during your experience and are of high quality.

Apply special beats in Hi-Fi Rush

The design of the game stages is so good that it attracts your attention from the very first second and after the opening cutscene.

However, the turning point of this part is the designs. The design of all 12 stages of Hi-Fi Rush has been done intelligently and each of them in terms of platforming and fighting and presenting challenges, is such that the player can experience fun moments and their combination with the skills of the characters is also done well. As you will use all of them equally and none of them are superior to the other, it is only the circumstances that determine which story character skill you should use first. Also, the game environments are consistent with the rhythmic appearance of the game and the whole environment is in such a way that they are playing the desired music beat.

The strengths of the game in the design department do not end only with the design of the stages, but the bosses and the game also have a different and exciting design, and you may think that Hi-Fi Rush does not show as many enemies as it should, while Hi-Fi Rush Fi Rush has an extraordinary performance in this respect and until the end of the game, we keep seeing the introduction of different enemies, each of which challenges the audience in their own way. From a technical point of view, Hi-Fi Rush is implemented without bugs or frame drops and provides a smooth experience to PC users. In fact, the various graphic settings of the game allow you to customize the game well in this section according to your hardware to get the best output.

Hi-Fi Rush environmental highlights

Music is the element that the whole game is based on, and we can see this in every point of the game, even in the designs. The soundtrack for Hi-Fi Rush includes original game music and licensed music from a number of bands and artists, including Zwan and Wolfgang Cartner. The music of the game instills a very good feeling into the gameplay and their very good combination with the battles creates a special, unique and memorable experience. Also, due to the structure of the game and its rhythmicity, each combat phase in the stages of Hi-Fi Rush is considered as a chorus of a song.

The voices of the characters are also at a very good level. The type of dialogues and interaction of the characters is something that was mentioned at the beginning of the text, which played a big role in the characterization of the characters and the humor of the game. Also, if you are interested in experiencing oriental games with Japanese dubbing, I must say that the Japanese dubbing of Hi-Fi Rush is at a very good level like its English dubbing and can provide the same experience to this group of users.

Using characters in Hi-Fi Rush gameplay

In the end, Hi-Fi Rush is an almost 10-hour experience with 13 stages and regardless of the content of its game, which is full of laughs, fun and tense and sensitive battles from moment to moment. Although the story of the game has a completely clichéd structure, but thanks to the characterization, humor between the characters and other positive features, the overall player experience is so good that it can be easily overlooked and does not affect your overall experience. Tango Gameworks’ new creation is definitely a vital experience for gamers.

The review of the game is done according to the computer version

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