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Various tools for Hide photo in gallery Android devices are available to users, with the help of which you can ensure the security of photos. In the rest of the article, stay with Digiato to discuss how to use the said feature in different brands.

Hide photos in Android gallery

There are various ways to hide photos in the gallery of Android products, some of which are done with the help of internal functions and others through external applications. Both methods are easy to use and you can hide photos in the shortest possible time. Below you can see the steps of hiding in various devices and programs.

1. Hide photos in the app Photos Google

application Google Photos It is one of the most popular gallery apps on Android devices. Fortunately, this app uses an internal tool called Locked Folder, which allows you to hide photos and videos in the following way.

  • First, enter the Google Photos app on your phone or tablet.
  • to fever Library See the bottom of the page and then the menu Utilities Choose.
  • Now find the Set up Locked Folder option on the new page and click on the phrase Get started Tap at the bottom of it.
  • From now on, you can access the locked folder of the app through password, pin code or fingerprint.
  • To transfer the desired images to the said folder, to Tab Photos Go inside the app and then hold your finger on the desired photo. Now you can leave one or more files in selected mode.
  • After selecting the desired photos and videos, tap on the three dots icon in the upper corner of the screen.
  • From the drop down menu option Move to Locked Folder Select and click Confirm in the next window.
  • In an alternative way, you can first touch the desired image to turn it into full screen mode.
  • Swipe up and then Options Move to Locked Folder Choose.
  • This method is used to move each file individually to the locked folder.
  • Also, by going to the camera application on Pixel 3 phones and newer generations, you can save the recorded images directly in the Locked Folder.
  • Tap on the gallery icon in the upper corner of the camera app and then from the menu Save to option Locked Folder Choose.

Using the methods mentioned above, you can transfer the images to the locked folder of the Google Photos program or save them directly in it. Now, if you want to access this folder, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open the Google Photos app, then tap the Library refer to
  • Section Utilities open in the said tab.
  • Now you can option Locked Folder See at the bottom of the Organize your library menu.
  • By opening the Locked Folder, you must perform the authentication process through PIN code, password or fingerprint in order to be able to access the content inside.

Note that Locked Folder is an offline part of the Google Photos application; As a result, the photos and videos placed in it will not be synchronized with Google Drive. Also, image editing and sharing tools are not available for files in this folder. Finally, if you try to delete the Photos program, all the information inside the locked folder will be deleted.

2. Hide photo in Samsung gallery

Samsung phones and tablets use a feature called Secure Folder that provides various possibilities in the field of hiding different files. To activate the mentioned function and hide the photo in Samsung products with its help, proceed through the following method.

  • First, swipe down twice to open the quick access section of your phone or tablet.
  • Tap on the three dots icon in the upper corner of the screen and then the option Edit buttons Choose.
  • Now the icon Secure Folder Move to this menu.
  • Enable it by touching Secure Folder. If you don’t want the application icon to be displayed in the application list, you can disable it again after going through the next steps.
  • Go to the application section of the device and the program Secure Folder find the
  • Open the Secure Folder program and define a password for it.
  • Now exit Secure Folder and go to Gallery app.
  • Select the desired file(s) and then by touching the menu option in the corner of the screen, the option Move to Secure Folder Choose. Now selected images and videos will be hidden from the main gallery and will be accessible only in Secure Folder.
  • To remove file(s) from Secure Folder, first enter its program.
  • Enter your password or fingerprint and then visit the gallery.
  • Select the desired file(s) and after touching the More option in the corner of the screen, the option Move out of Secure Folder hit

Note that when removing files from the Secure Folder, if they were previously stored on the memory card, they will be moved to a new folder in the gallery located on the internal memory.

3. Hiding files with the help of dedicated applications

Various apps have been developed to hide photos on Android devices that provide more features compared to the built-in tools. application Keepsafe It is one of these titles that has achieved high popularity and has a good rating on Google Play. Among its most important features are 3 different locking mechanisms, cloud backup of files and the possibility of sharing them.

Free – with in-app payment
Practical tools
operating system:
31 MB

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to hide photos in the gallery of Android devices?

Yes; Most Android devices have the ability to hide images and videos in their gallery.

What is the best gallery app to hide photos on Android?

The Google Photos gallery application is one of the best options for hiding files on Android devices.

Is it possible to hide photos on Android without installing the app?

Yes; Most Android device manufacturers, including Samsung, include built-in features to hide files on their devices.

What is the best program to hide files in Android phones?

Along with Vaulty, the Keepsafe application is one of the best titles for hiding photos or files on Android.

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