Honda WR-V was introduced; Economic crossover with the ability to import with Iran

Some Japanese car manufacturers such as Nissan and Suzuki pay special attention to developing Asian markets such as Indonesia and India. Honda has also started its activity with the supply of economic hatchbacks in these markets. One of these cars is the Honda WR-V; A car that has now changed from a hatchback to a crossover.

The first attractive issue about the Honda WR-V is its price. The price of this crossover in Indonesia $17,400 which makes it one of the most attractive economic cars in the Asian market. In addition to Indonesia, the Honda WR-V will also be sold in India. This issue can cause some companies to be interested in importing this Japanese economic crossover.

Honda WR-V

Earlier and during the 1390s, Golrang Motor Family Company had released some products of this Japanese brand such as Honda CR-V, Honda Civic and Honda Accord in the Iranian market. Most of the popular Honda cars are currently priced at more than $20,000. Even if the conditions are ready, there is no chance of importing them to Iran. However, the Honda WR-V can be an economic option for the Iranian market and attract the attention of customers in the absence of popular crossovers.

Honda WR-V specifications

Honda WR-V has a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter engine that 121 horsepower and produces 145 Nm of torque. The gearbox of this car is automatic CVT. Of course, Honda WR-V can be purchased in other markets such as India with other technical specifications. For example, Indian customers can buy this crossover with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine (90 hp, 110 Nm) or a 1.5-liter turbodiesel engine (100 hp, 200 Nm) with a five-speed manual transmission, which will be cheaper than the automatic version.

Honda WR-V

The number of Honda WR-V passengers has been announced for five people, and its cargo space is 380 liters. The highest version of this car has four airbags, air conditioning system, multimedia system with a 7-inch screen, rear view camera, leather cabin trim, remote start system and Honda Safety Sense set (automatic cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and automatic parking brake). Lines) is equipped which makes it a safe economy car.

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